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Documentary Proposal

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about students of South & City Birmingham College and their opinions about it.

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Documentary Proposal

  1. 1. Documentary proposal Natalia Dang
  2. 2. Topic I’m going to do documentary film about students of South & City Birmingham College and their opinions about it.
  3. 3. Reason why I’m doing this I’m making this documentary because I’d like to get more information about students’ opinions, future plans and aspirations. I could also use this film in the future when I’ll apply to university as an example of my work.
  4. 4. Target Audience My target audience are mostly students but staff or anybody else who is interested in studying at this college will find it interesting as well.
  5. 5. Conventions I’m going to use interviews, pictures, voiceover, text and different sounds (music).
  6. 6. Other media texts  Blogs  College/university videos  Documentary texts Examples: w-M
  7. 7. Content At the beginning of my documentary, I’m going to tell the audience about the college so they’ll know some basic information about the SCCB.
  8. 8. Resources I need I’m going to do some secondary research about the college. I’ll use internet and library to find this information.
  9. 9. Timescale My project must be finished by June 15th. Pre-production:  18th-22nd May Production:  1st-8th June Post-production:  8th-12th June