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Creating creative content for social media - Balraj KN, Cartoonist, Illustrator and Writer

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“Creating Original Content for Social Media" - focused on thoughts and insights around using the medium of cartoons to communicate and promote ideas, products and Startups more effectively. Here are the Lounge47 key takeaways: 1. Do not try to include too many messages in one piece. Keep messages simple. Use images to express them 2. Consumers have low attention span. Cartoons could serve as an effective medium of communication. When cartoons can communicate with no text, they are most powerful 3. To produce effective cartoons, founders need to get crisp on pain point, solution, products, brand, customer, positioning etc. Images should reflect this clarity 4. Riding on current affairs and trends enhances effectiveness 5. Most Social media users fall into the category of content sharers (rather than content creators); think through what would motivate them to repost 6. When using themes and humor, develop a sense of self-censorship 7. Lower your expectations of quality and get started. Quality at first may not be good however with experience and time it will improve.
Key message: Start doing. Now. Don’t wait for the “creative” hire at some point in the future.

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Creating creative content for social media - Balraj KN, Cartoonist, Illustrator and Writer

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  2. 2. When creating content keep in mind: • Define and keep your product/service proposition simple and clear • Keep your target audience in mind • Quality over quantity • Regularity and consistency • One call-to-action in a post is better • Try infographics, related news and short videos/animations • Audience participation and engagement helps acquire new customers
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