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Xamarin y MS Azure | Cognitive Services

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In this talk I will talk about mobile services provided by Azure as well as cognitive services and what we can do with them.

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Xamarin y MS Azure | Cognitive Services

  1. 1. Xamarin and Microsoft Azure Technologies for Mobile Devices
  4. 4. #CloudFirstCamp Unete a las redes sociales y participa por premios al final del evento
  5. 5. Who’s this guy…? MVP Windows Platform Xamarin Regional Lead @LucioMSP Vicente G. Guzman Lucio [ Master | Engineer | Bachelor’s Degree ]
  6. 6. Get Started
  7. 7. More Platforms == More users
  8. 8. What are the best platforms to reach people? Android: 52% iOS: 42% WinPhone: 3% Blackberry: 2% Other: 1%
  9. 9. Mobile Development { Yesterday } { Today }
  10. 10. Make it fast, easy, and fun to create great mobile apps. Xamarin’s Mission
  11. 11. Xamarin - A Complete Mobile Solution Design Develop Integrate Learn Xamarin Platform Test Monitor
  12. 12. Visual Studio Xamarin Studio
  13. 13. Xamarin.Forms Example Use a single API to generate native, platform- specific user interfaces At runtime, each Xamarin.Forms page and its controls are mapped to platform-specific native user interface elements
  14. 14. What about the backend?
  15. 15. Plenty of Options Azure Mobile Apps IBM MobileFirst Oracle Mobile Cloud
  16. 16. Azure Mobile Apps
  17. 17. What can I do? - Store Data in the cloud - Authenticate users - Send notifications All in a matter of minutes ...
  18. 18. Create a MobileService MobileService = new MobileServiceClient ( “”, “”, “mykey goes here”);
  19. 19. Create Tables IMobileServiceSyncTable<Store> table; public async Task Init ( ) { const string path = “syncstore.db”; var db = new MobileServiceSQLiteStore(path); db.DefineTable<Store>( ); var handler = new MobileServiceSyncHandler( ); await MobileService.SyncContext.InitializeAsync( db, h); table = MobileService.GetSyncTable<Store>( ); }
  20. 20. Let’s Build An App
  21. 21. Mobile Quality Challenges - Device Fragmentation - App Complexity - Fast Release Cycles - Short Sessions - High Mobile User Expectations
  22. 22. Build powerful intelligence into your applications to enable natural and contextual interactions
  23. 23. Microsoft Cognitive Services Set of APIs that allow applications to recognize images and videos to provide cognitive responses.
  24. 24. Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision Speech Language Knowlegde Search Computer Vision Custom Recognition Bing Spell Check Academic Knowledge Bing Web Search Emotion Speaker Recognition Linguistic Analysis and Undestanding Entity Linking Bing Image Search Face Speech Text Analytics Knoledge Exploration Bing Video and News Search Video Translator WebLM Recommenda tions Bing Autosuggest
  25. 25. Formerly known as Oxford Project • Xam.Plugin.Media • Microsoft.Bcl.Build • Microsoft.ProjectOxford.Emotion • Microsoft.ProjectOxford.Vision
  26. 26. Let’s View An App
  27. 27. Xamarin Student Partners Apply Today!
  28. 28. Unrivaled Mobile Development Training Live unlimited mobile development training from mobile experts, in your time-zone, on your schedule, and as often as you'd like. Free 30 Day Trial -
  29. 29. Thank you! Questions? Vicente Guzman Xamarin Regional Lead MVP Windows Platform @LucioMSP