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Smarter Commerce for Financial Services Infographic - B2B Governance

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Financial services organizations are unifying separate IT GRC initiatives to establish an internal framework for satisfying governance requirements, evaluating risk across their technical infrastructure and document how the organization complies with the established governance requirements. Needs: policy management, controls, assessment, compliance monitoring and security for the exchange (right format) and movement (transfer) of critical corporate data (typically integration or B2B type data).

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Smarter Commerce for Financial Services Infographic - B2B Governance

  1. 1. 1 2 3 twelve forty five twelve forty five Financial Services say their companies have implemented GRC policies over all B2B processes. 48% believe the data they exchange with their corporate customers is secure and compliant. 3 Essential Capabilities To Get You Closer To Your Goal Effective controls for data access, auditing and configuration management Secure, reliable data movement, including advanced data encryption Support for continuous controls reporting Financial Services Leaders Say: are totally confident B2B controls are fully implemented, monitored and compliant. 41% Learn more about what you can do to strengthen B2B controls and improve your GRC posture at Source: Vanson Bourne, Line of Business Priorities Survey, January 2014 SECURE 52% Chances are, you’re not even halfway there yet. Think your B2B Governance is as strong as it needs to be?