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Kevin Jarnagin Week 8_Course_Project_Visual_Aids

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Kevin Jarnagin Week 8_Course_Project_Visual_Aids

  1. 1. Changing Lives, We Are In It Together! Prepared by: Regina Bekebrede, Keegan Faulkner, Kevin Jarnagin, Omar Ochir, & Diane Tolles SPCH 275 DeVry University 6.25.15
  2. 2. Hurricane Katrina ❑ August 29, 2005 ❑ 1,833 deaths ❑ $81 billion in property damage “… helping Katrina victims have been a very rewarding time in their lives,” said one volunteer.
  3. 3. Haiti Earthquake ❑ January 12, 2010 ❑ 200,000 deaths ❑ 300,000 injured ❑ Over 1 million homeless “There were no operating beds until we arrived.” Dr. Fuller (to the right)
  4. 4. Mission Statement “To increase the professional development of high school young professionals through volunteering. “
  5. 5. Our Team Diana Tolles Career Mentor 10 Years Experience Regina Bekebrede Community Relations 6 Years Experience Kevin Jarnagin CEO & IT Professor 12 Years Experience Keegan Faulkner Job Coach & Veteran 6 Years Experience Omar Ochir Job Coach 8 Years Experience
  6. 6. ❑ Pathway to Employment ❑ Lower Unemployment Rate ❑ 27% More Job Opportunities Volunteer = Career Opportunities
  7. 7. Networking ❑ Low Commitment, High Return Activities Will Make You Better At Your Job ❑ Benefits of Volunteering ❑ Networking ❑ Lead by Example
  8. 8. Networking ❑ Volunteering increases your social networking and relationship skills ❑ Through networking ❑ Develop your networking social skills
  9. 9. Leadership in Volunteering Volunteering opens many new promotion opportunities as it teaches skills only available in a volunteering setting. “Donating time to a worthy cause can not only benefit society, but also help sharpen your skills as a leader.” S.J., Hudoba (2014)
  10. 10. Leadership in Volunteering • The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics states the volunteering rate is only at 25%. A low since 2002. • S.J. Hudoba (2014) • Morale building, communication, and persuasion are great skills learned during volunteering
  11. 11. Facilitating Personal Growth SELF-CONFIDENCE ❑ Going outside of comfort zone ❑ Successfully completing tasks ❑ Having a sense of purpose Volunteering is nearly impossible to fail!
  12. 12. Variety of Causes to Get Involved With ✓ Nature ✓ Faith Based ✓ Housing ✓ Children …just to name a few! Improved Health by Helping Others ✓ Lower Mortality Rates ✓ Reduced Depression ✓ Increased Physical Activity A Healthier You!
  13. 13. Conclusion of Our Journey Benefits of Volunteering ❑ Meet New People ❑ Learn New Skills ❑ Personal Growth
  14. 14. The DYPN Online Tool DYPN For Young Professionals
  15. 15. Take Action Today! Please visit us at Or Call 1-888-CAL-LNOW
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  18. 18. Thank You! Dear Professor Celeste Hansen Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. - Japanese Proverb Thank you for your guidance and leadership. Your Students <3