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Alignment of Value and Performance - Reference model

Performance is meaningless unless it also amounts to needed value. The activity that generates this relationship is visible in a hierarchy of logical dependencies. The vocabulary for this visibilty is already very common; here it is also fully disambiguated.

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Alignment of Value and Performance - Reference model

  1. 1. Aligning Value and Performance A management reference model
  2. 2. � 2020 malcolm ryder / archestra research THEMATIC MANAGEMENT REVIEW MODEL
  3. 3. Archestra notebooks compile and organize decades of in-the-field and ongoing empirical findings. All presented findings are derived exclusively from original research. Archestra notebooks carry no prescriptive warranty. As ongoing research, all notebooks are subject to change at any time. �2020 Malcolm Ryder / Archestra Research Archestra research is done from the perspective of strategy and architecture. With all subject matter and topics, the purpose of the notes is analytic, primarily to: * explore, expose and model why things are included, excluded, or can happen in given ways and/or to certain effects. * comment on, and navigate between, motives and potentials that predetermine decisions about, and shapings of, the observed activity.