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Manoj - IT Oranisation Transformation using POPIT

  1. 1. IT Services – Transformed to-be organisation Leadership Business Solutions & Horizon Planning Sustain Service Delivery Business Consulting Lead Ops Lead Help Desk Incident Management Fix on Fail Portfolio Management Development Management Gateway Services Lead PM Lead PM PM PM … PM Problem Management Test Deploy Config Release Infrastr Environ Training Development Leads Technology, Applications and Development Teams Business & Clients Business & UsersDesign Application Owners Projects and Programmes Delivery Design Authority Business Solutions Team BSO Sustain Service Operations Service Reporting Service Improvements Service Gateway PMO Ability to Scale up or down rapidly
  2. 2. © Xansa plc 20042 Qualityand Qualityand Measurements Measurements Enhanced -Efficiency -Capability -Quality •Define Strategy to manage Automated Build, conduct a pilot to prove the concept •Assess in- house and Industry standard Estimating methods for suitability at LSC Account •Decide on an Estimating Method and prepare Account specific estimating guidelines, associated tools and techniques •Define Process and method to capture actual effort for each product delivered •Agree Targets •Create framework for Individual and Team Skills Matrix •Stabilise new Organisation •Report KPI Data •Assess and agree initial Productivity data Organisation Organisation And People And People Technology Technology And Tools And Tools Estimating Estimating •Define Capability based Development Organisation •Prepare Problem Statement re Automated build, current issues and agreed option •Prepare Problem Statement re Automated Deployment, current issues and agreed option •Agree KPI definitions •Agree Review points and methods •Agree KPI Data Definitions and capture points Situation Definition Solution Shaping and Design Solution Delivery and Transformation •Roll out Estimating Method, guidelines, tools and techniques •Create Succession Plans •Undertake Final alignment of resources to Organisation, nominate Application Owners •Capture Project KPI Data •Analyse Trends •Undertake Causal Analysis •Revise Targets •Implement and roll out Automated Build Process, tools and techniques Organisation Transformation – Vision pathway •Establish Quality Log •Establish Reviews •Create Improvement Plans •Define Strategy to manage Automated Deployment, conduct a pilot to prove the concept •Implement and roll out Automated Deployment Process, tools and techniques Tim ely and Effective Com m unication Tim ely and Effective Com m unication •Implement process to capture actual effort data as part of the projects •Implement process to obtain feedback and refine Estimating Method •Define Process to obtain feedback and refine Estimating Method •Undertake initial informal assessment of skills and capabilities and undertake initial placement of people in the organisation •Define Statement of Intent in terms of a Team Charter •Define initial Terms of Reference and success criteria •Transition to new organisation with short term, specific tactical objectives •Refine Team and Assignment Objectives •Establish Team and Individual’s Skill Matrix A Com bination of Team Briefings and W alk-in Sessions Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Dec-04 Jan-05 Feb-05 Jan-05 Feb-05 Apr-05 Mar-05

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