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what type of learning style are you?

learning styles

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what type of learning style are you?

  1. 1. THE KINAESTHETIC STYLE • Kinaesthetic learners, learn better by moving and doing • learn as you practice and practice what you learn • They prefer interactive learning(practical) Disadvantages • Kinaesthetic learners are uncomfortable sitting in a place for a long period of time • They can’t learn well in the absences of people to interact with and with out practicing
  2. 2. THE VISUAL STYLE • People who learn best through visual aids have a visual learning style • Visual aids include facial expressions and gesticulations of teachers, pictures, texts with illustrations, DVDs, • Visual learners think and learn in pictures • One of the most important advantage is that it makes recollection easier Disadvantages • A special disadvantage of the visual learning style is the difficulty they experience when only texts and speeches are available for learning, without any visual aids
  3. 3. THE AUDITORY STYLE • Prefer learning by hearing what they want to learn • Learn best by listening to discussions, talking matters over, reading out of texts or making use of e-courses containing audio recordings • One special advantage of this style is that you assimilate and retain information without having to see it in texts or pictures. Disadvantages • However, it is very difficulty for them to learn or read among silent reading learners example in a library • They read out loud
  4. 4. • It gives an Important self-knowledge • It helps to determined your Strengths and weaknesses in learning • Improved Self-esteem • Enhanced Studying of skills • Prevented misunderstandings between student teachers and parents • Liberated to study "your way“ • A personalised report aimed at the student • Aid note taking BENEFIT OF IDENTIFYING YOUR LEARNING STYLES

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learning styles


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