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Retail banking

Retail Banking: Trends in contact center automation, Vertical and technology trends

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Retail banking

  1. 1. Retail Banking: Trends in contact center automation; Vertical and technology trends Brought to you by:
  2. 2. ABSTRACT The technology evolution of the market and vendor opportunities The market inhibitors that may hinder the pervasive adoption of contact center automation among retail banks.
  3. 3. ABSTRACT Many banks are moving towards a virtual contact center to allow geographically dispersed agents to operate as a single, winning team. Via a virtual contact center, all incoming contact center calls can be routed to the available agents depending upon their availability regardless of their location and time. Rapid digitalization has resulted in a lower attention span of customers. As customers have access to multiple brands and interaction touch points, they can change their brand loyalties with just a click of a button. This has made it even more difficult for service centers, such as banks, to enhance their customer experience and retain customers. Contact center automation has therefore served in many ways to bring a bank’s stakeholders together and enable contact centers to improve their line of banking services. The focus of the next phase of automation is on delivering omnichannel communication, wherein the customer can communicate through a channel of their choice with the information they share via one channel, before being carried over to the next channel.
  4. 4. Length Publisher Published Date 29 Pages Current Analysis May 31, 2016 Table of Contents Business Challenges Market Dynamics - Demand - Supply Technology Lifecycle - Budget Opportunities Market Size and Forecasts Future Outlook - Age of customers and disruptive forces are acting as catalysts for the rapid adoption of contact center automation among new age bankers Appendix Learn more about this report
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