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Brand Builder by Roofing Brand

In depth description of how the Brand Builder product from Roofing Brand works.

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Brand Builder by Roofing Brand

  1. 1. How It Works Brand Builder by Roofing Brand
  2. 2. Simply set up an account with Roofing Brand by clicking ‘Start Free Trial’
  3. 3. Setting up your Roofing Brand account takes only a few seconds.
  4. 4. Once you submit your company information you will be sent a link to our ’Website Builder’
  5. 5. Filling out the ‘Website Builder’ form is quick and easy.
  6. 6. Easily upload project photos that you want in your new site and we will do the rest.
  7. 7. Does your company have great testimonials? Upload them along with a picture of the customer if you have one. We will do the rest!
  8. 8. We want to build your brand and show off your experience. Let us know which credentials you have and we will upload the logos for you. Add your company logo by simply uploading it here. Copy and past information about your company and we will build an ‘About Us’ page for you. If you have a staff photo(s) add them here too.
  9. 9. Select which services you offer and we will highlight them on your new website.
  10. 10. Select the type of products and brands that you offer. We will build the pages in your website to show them off.
  11. 11. Now that your ‘Website Builder’ form has been submitted you will receive access to your new website. Take some time to review it and make sure everything looks right. Let us know that it looks good. We will send you instruction on how to add the website to your domain name.
  12. 12. Now that your new website is active it is time to start working on getting you some leads. We will handle it from here! Our SEO team will begin optimizing your new website for roofing keywords.
  13. 13. Does your company socialize? We have you covered. With your subscription to Roofing Brand your get socialization also. Once you make us a page manager on your social media sites we will start posting industry related articles for you. Posting quality content promotes your business and optimizes your brand.
  14. 14. Sit back and relax as we manage your company's directory listings. Our team will create content rich listings on more that 60 directories. These directories are the key to local optimization. Many people use these directories to find, review and promote companies in their area. We will make sure that your company has a consistent brand message across all directories.