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Uploading primary grade books

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Uploading primary grade books

  1. 1. How to Get Ready to Upload Grades Check Off List for SBG Grade Book in Marlena Hebern Standards Based Reporting
  2. 2. Check Off List 1. Associated Periods In EDIT Grade Books: Make sure that the number on the grade book MATCHES the number in the ASSOCIATED PERIOD. A red star appears the first time you check it. Must be the SAME! X
  3. 3. Check Off List 1. Associated Periods Why mark the associated periods? The associated period allows you to connect to your students. If you don’t choose an associated period, you won’t be able to see or find students. It matches the group of kids in your school to your grade book. X
  4. 4. Check Off List X 2. Assignments have standards attached AND the grading is completed for each assignment Each assignment MUST have at least one MAIN standard and a MINOR standard attached. Grading MUST be marked completed for EACH assignment Choose EDIT to change these settings Yes Yes
  5. 5. Check Off List X 2. Assignments have standards attached AND the grading is completed for each assignment Why attach standards? Attaching the MAIN standards will connect your grades to the correct report card field in the grade book. The MINOR standard reports to the standard field in the report card. Hint: You will need the ‘local’ menu to find the correct standards- see the slides on attaching standards. Why does grading need to be completed before uploading? The grades will not be included in the report card if grading in not marked as complete.
  6. 6. Check Off List 3. Understanding Grade Book X Settings and Options When you get to the part where you are about to upload your grades, you will be asked to set the % for each mark. The Aeries program is shared across the K-6th grade levels, so MCUSD is currently using 3 grading scales. (see below) You will need to choose ONE and ZERO out the rest during the upload process. Don’t worry, it is noted in the guide for uploading your standards based grades. Choose just ONE Kindergarten: Grades 1-3: Grades 4-6 (4-5 at MES):
  7. 7. You are now ready to post or ‘upload’ your grades to the standards based report card in K-5 IMPORTANT NOTE: Start under the Standards Based Grades Tab, not the Grades Tab!