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Martin Mastwyk Resume 2016

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Martin Mastwyk Resume 2016

  1. 1. Rigger/Scaffolder/Trade’s Assistant Martin Mastwyk 3 Westminster Street, Traralgon, Vic. 3844 0409 866 651 S K I L L S E T S A N D A T T R I B U T E S A highly adaptable, resourceful and safety driven applicant with diverse competencies. Has worked FIFO rosters and is fully aware of living in camp locations and associated difficulties. Experienced in environments following principles found in JSA, JSEA assessment/documentation practices. Has undergone Standard 11 Induction adding to existing risk analyses expertise. Committed to achieving Zero Harm objectives. Knowledgeable and skilled rigger/scaffolder with broad expertise in rigging practices and inspection techniques. Proven ability to develop load lift plans/rigging configurations and ensure correct set up/use of rigging hardware and lifting equipment. High risk licences in intermediate rigging, intermediate scaffolding, forklift and elevated work platforms. Competencies include heavy rigid vehicles, confined spaces and heights. Hands-on tradesman with practical skills ready to be put to work. Solid experience as a trade’s assistant and can competently follow detailed instructions and specifications. Above average communication skills and proficient in settings where changing conditions need immediate action. Proactive decision maker who plans innovative solutions to overcome obstacles. Values seeing end results achieved accurately and efficiently. Experienced shift worker fully conversant with managing fatigue. Seeking a full time and long term opportunity as a rigger, scaffolder or trade’s assistant. Prefer employment with a mining company or mining contractor. Can accept and commit to any FIFO/DIDO operations and associated rosters. C E R T I F I C A T E S / L I C E N C E S  STANDARD 11 INDUCTION WITH METALLIFEROUS CORE COMPONENTS Competency Units include:  RIICOM201A: Communicate In The Workplace  RIIGOV201A: Comply With Site Work Processes/Procedures  RIIOHS201A: Work Safely And Follow OHS Policies And Procedures*  RIIERR205A: Apply Initial Response To First Aid  RIIERR302A: Respond To Local Emergencies And Incidents  RIIRIS201B: Conduct Local Risk Control  BSBSUS201A: Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices  LICENCE RI: INTERMEDIATE RIGGING  LICENCE SI: INTERMEDIATE SCAFFOLDING  LICENCE HR: HEAVY RIGID  LICENCE WP: ELEVATED WORK PLATFORMS  LICENCE LF: FORKLIFT  MSAPMPER205B: ENTER CONFINED SPACE  MSAPMOHS217A: GAS TEST ATMOSPHERES  MSAPMPER200B: WORK IN ACCORDANCE WITH AN ISSUED PERMIT  WORK SAFELY AT HEIGHTS  COURSE: LAYER SCAFFOLDING FAMILIARISATION  CONSTRUCTION RED/WHITE CARD K E Y C O M P E T E N C I E S  Using mathematical ideas and techniques  Applying analytical/problem solving capabilities  Conducting risk assessments/hazard inspections  Communicating ideas and information
  2. 2. MARTIN MASTWYK ◼ RESUME C A R E E R P R O G R E S S I O N Bechtel 2013–CURRENT Position: Rigger Job Summary: Working at the QCLNG Curtis island project. Working in a well organised group of 8 riggers on the train 1 compressor deck, installing and modifying pipework ranging from 2” to 60” diameter pipe weighing between 50kg to 12 000kg. Tasks include:  Operating rigging gear to move and position equipment/structural components  Reading and interpreting lift plans and procedures  Conducting forklift duties in a Haulotte telly handler  Operating 135 feet Haulotte, Genie and JLG elevated work platforms Leighton Contractors 2012–2013 Position: Rigger/Scaffolder/Trade Assistant Job Summary: Undertook both day and night shifts at Hazelwood Mine D11 Dredge. Considerable flexibility in tasks performed and superior communication skills were vital job aspects. Key responsibility was conducting skilled and efficient rigging/scaffolding operations. High risk environment which required sustained vigilance to control and minimise risks. Tasks include:  Dismantling burnt out sections of dredge  Erecting and dismantling scaffolding  Keeping lookout for fire dangers at job site  Assisting boilermaker and fitters as required  Conducting dogman duties for 30 tonne crane  Ensuring compliance with Workplace Health and Safety Lend Lease 2012–2012 Position: Rigger/Trade Assistant Job Summary: Night shift role which necessitated well established fatigue management practices. Responsibilities included assisting boilermakers with cutting/installing upper, intermediate and lower burner ducts. All work was executed in line with quality procedures and safety requirements. Tasks include:  Attaching, securing and positioning lifting equipment using rigging techniques  Conducting plasma and oxy cutting  Installing and adjusting duct work into correct placement  Promoting environmentally responsible work practices  Selecting/using Personal Protective Equipment Transfield (TWPS) 2012–2012 Position: Rigger/Scaffolder Job Summary: Majority of work was carried out in the Pacific Mining Sections of Loy Yang Power Units. Role required versatility where skills were used across a range of rigging, dogging and scaffolding activities. Ability to enter and work in confined spaces was critical job aspect. Tasks include:  Setting up rigging operations for classifier, doors, pumps, valves and actuators  Calculating rated capacity of lifting equipment  Erecting modular/tube and clip scaffolds  Performing dogging operations for franna cranes  Communicating using hand signals/two-way radio
  3. 3. MARTIN MASTWYK ◼ RESUME CGE 2011–2012 Position: Scaffolder Job Summary: Role entailed working as part of a crew in the assembly/dismantling of layher/tube and clip scaffolding during construction/engineering work. Strict compliance with all regulations from a WH&S perspective was imperative including use of PPE. Tasks include:  Setting up hoisting equipment for raising and placing scaffolding  Lifting and positioning sections of scaffolding  Laying and fastening wooden/metal floor sections  Fitting guard rails and fastening ladders  Carrying out operational secureness/safety checks Transfield 2011–2011 Position: Trade’s Assistant Job Summary: Job location was Altona Mobile Refinery. Nightshift role providing support to boilermakers and fitters. Position demanded strong technical aptitude and ability to work safely in confined spaces. Strict adherence to industrial/commercial processes was essential. Tasks include:  Assisting fitters with flange splitting, spading and de-spading operations  Installing spools and valves/re-instating exchanger units  Preparing and conducting hydro testing  Setting up humpy enclosures  Collecting generators and gas bottles UGL 2011–2011 Position: Rigger/Trade’s Assistant Job Summary: Role required demonstrated ability to follow detailed instructions and specifications. Core purpose was rigging pipe work, spools, channels, heat exchange end caps and floating heads. Other function was assisting mechanical fitters as required. Tasks include:  Preparing site for rigging operations  Identifying/selecting task appropriate tools and equipment  Aligning, levelling and anchoring cranes and equipment  Controlling movements of heavy equipment through narrow openings/confined spaces  Dismantling, maintaining and storing rigging equipment C A R E E R P R O G R E S S I O N P R I O R T O 2 0 1 0  Trade’s Assistant, Alstom: 2010–2010  Labourer, Auschar BBQ Heatbeads: 2009–2010  Trade’s Assistant/Dogman, Southern Cross Electrical Engineering: 2008–2008  Labourer, K & R Vodden Bricklayers: 2007–2010  Rigger/Trade’s Assistant, John Holland: 2005–2008 R E F E R E E S Ryan Walsh Supervisor, UGL Ph: 0408 323 732 Troy Wade Supervisor, Bechtel Ph: 0447 829 233 Mark Sawyer Boiler Maker/Welder, John Holland Ph: 0438 748 303