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Success Story
LINKBYNET strengthens Schneider
Electric’s IoT based digital services
Solution deployed :
To e...
LINKBYNET is a major player in the outsourcing of cloud
services, web e-business, and information systems. Since
2013, LIN...
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Business case Schneider-Linkbynet

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Discover how Schneider use Linkbynet to strenghen its IoT digital services

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Business case Schneider-Linkbynet

  1. 1. Cloud Success Story LINKBYNET strengthens Schneider Electric’s IoT based digital services 85% 15% Solution deployed : To enable its connected offers, Schneider Electric decided to develop a powerful digital platform named EcoStruxure. The platform’s approach yields significant benefits: 1. Efficiency | maximizing the potential by sharing the same features across business units 2. Consistency | customers can enjoy a coherent, user- friendly experience through a single platform 3. Interoperability | Maximizing value by pooling data with the aim of eventually cross-selling solutions 4. Manageability | Enabling fair distribution of IoT platform support and operational costs 5. Collaboration | Allowing for cross BU digital offers while sharing the development workload Business challenge : At Schneider Electric, more than 60 product lines are developing a wide range of connected devices and digital services. These businesses are looking for innovative ways to manage their assets, their lifecycle, their performance and operational efficiency. Moreover, because of changes in the market, Schneider Electric needed to maintain their competitive edge by transforming their business into one of recurring services built on top of best-in-class systems and products. There were 3 main objectives: • Leverage the connectivity and analytics to bring business value from a massive amount of collected data • Accelerate the go-to-market of new connected offers • Strengthen customer engagement and improve user experience The solution required the inclusion of specific functions to meet the business lines’ expectations, i.e. Security, Sensing, Mobility, and Analytics in a scalable cloud approach. « With LINKBYNET, we stepped up from an Operations standpoint. The collaboration between Schneider Electric, Microsoft Azure and LINKBYNET gave rise to more secure and more robust digital services. » Yoann BERSIHAND, DevOps Manager. Schneider Electric Edge Control Apps, Analytics & Services Connected Products Buildings Datacenters Industries Grid End-to-end Cybersecurity Cloudand/orOn- Premises EcoStruxure 1 2 3 4 5 Hundreds of thou- sands of connected devices all over the world PaaS services IaaS services 99,99% 3 Major ContinentsAvailability rate worldwide presence%
  2. 2. LINKBYNET is a major player in the outsourcing of cloud services, web e-business, and information systems. Since 2013, LINKBYNET has also positioned itself as Cloud Ser- vice orchestrator to better support companies in their migration to the Cloud. LINKBYNET has offices in France, Canada, the United States, Asia and Mauritius. It employs more than 650 people worldwide and achieved a turnover of 50 million Euros in 2016. ABOUT W A T C H M A K E R S O F T H E D I G I T A L W O R L D Benefits • The business lines quickly adopted the EcoStruxure platform. • The number of integrated connected devices on the platform has grown rapidly. • An Always On, reliable platform with autoscaling while on-boarding new digital offers. • Schneider Electric’s DSP team can focus exclusively on their core business activities. Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy and automation management, with operations in more than 100 countries, uses its expertise and solutions to ensure that life is on for its customers and to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and connected energy. As a leader in energy management and automation, Schneider Electric enables its customers to do more with less in a more connected, distributed, intelligent and increasingly energy-intensive world. ABOUT A digital platform leveraged by worldwide business lines must be reliable and highly available. To do this, Schneider Electric decided to build a cloud architecture based on Microsoft Azure services. Schneider Electric also wanted to have a fully managed solution for their digital platform and so needed a partner to build the operational ecosystem around it and operate it 24/7. This now allows the Digital Services Platform team (DSP) to focus on their core activities and run their innovation roadmap for businesses. LINKBYNET was chosen to manage the whole EcoStruxure platform, built on a PaaS approach (Platform as a Service). Schneider Electric selected LINKBYNET for their technical expertise on Azure PaaS services and their ability to partner up on a tailor-made solution. Our shared solution is constantly evolving as business requirements change. The worldwide presence of LINKBYNET was also a key factor in strengthening the relationship between our two companies, both on a global level and in the regions where our business lines are located. What’s more, LINKBYNET deployed new security operational capabilities such as SIEM (Security Information and Events Management), backup of our data and services configurations, as well as vulnerability management solutions. Linkbynet’s ability to meet Schneider Electric’s critical business requirements by implementing Microsoft Azure guidelines and their flexibility in heavily customizing the monitoring and backup configurations on the different Azure PaaS Services when not yet fully built-in, were other reasons why Schneider Electric placed their trust in LINKBYNET.