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La comm digital expliquée à mon boss - Francois PETAVY - EYEKA

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Introduction au #crowdsourcing pour tous les adeptes de comm digitale

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La comm digital expliquée à mon boss - Francois PETAVY - EYEKA

  1. 1. Association des professionnels des médias sociaux en entreprise
  2. 2. Collaboration between Consumers & Brands is the future of marketing & innovation #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  3. 3. Not all consumers play the same game 1% creators 9% unlock enthusiasts refine 90% the 1/9/90 rule - Forrester Research #mediaaces spectators @mediaaces validate /mediaaces
  4. 4. The largest community of creators 154 countries 260,000 creators
  5. 5. Welcome to the world’s biggest creative playground... #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  6. 6. What drives our creators #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  7. 7. #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  8. 8. Collective intelligence & gems Gems Some ideas are fully articulated. They provide innovation & quality creative execution. Insights Most ideas are raw. Collective analysis tells the story. They provide insights & validation. #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  9. 9. Our community delivers Communications crowdsourcing product innovation packaging positioning communication concepts UGC social content brand activation Consumer engagement #mediaaces Innovation and positioning @mediaaces /mediaaces
  10. 10. Nescafé New Product Development How could we reinvent instant coffee, prepared at home to keep the category relevant and attractive? ideas #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  11. 11. Nescafé New Product Development ideas 40 countries 3 weeks 138 entries #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  12. 12. Coca-Cola Creative Concepts How do we communicate “energizing refreshment” in an ever-original fashion to provide local markets with new and impactful campaign materials? #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces content
  13. 13. content 82 countries 3 months 2,535 entries #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  14. 14. content #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  15. 15. Coca-Cola Creative Concepts • 6 million online mentions • Top 10% of all-time best ads in sample markets on Millward Brown Link™ score test • 100% adoption of creative materials against 47% on average • Cost saving efficiencies of 92% #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces content
  16. 16. Schick Quattro Digital content How could we reinforce our association with “titanium” and dramatize the difference it can make, to drive user engagement online? Expected ROI Action: online engagement measured in View-Through-Rate (VTR) #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  17. 17. Schick Quattro Digital content Our brief to the eYeka community: content “Show us an engaging, masculine, humorous or emotional moment when Titanium can give you an unexpected edge by transforming an object in your life into a stronger and more durable “Titanium” version.” #mediaaces @mediaaces Action: 21% VTR (highest in the campaign) /mediaaces
  18. 18. Schick Quattro Digital content #3 Video Category Creator: FlojoArt Country: Germany Gender: Male content Action: 21% VTR (highest in the campaign) #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  19. 19. Schick Quattro Digital content Return On Investment The winning videos were immediately put to the test in an online campaign in Japan on Google TrueView (pre-roll ads on Youtube) alongside sponsored content from a Japanese Anime franchise. All the videos led to a dedicated site where viewers could engage with the brand, with data capture. 1. eYeka videos had the highest View-Throuhg-Rate (VTR): 17.1% VTR 21% VTR content Evangelion eYeka Action: 21% VTR (highest in the campaign) 2. eYeka videos had the lowest cost to conversion across all campaigns (current and past): 54% vs. historical #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  20. 20. “A wealth of creative, consumer-rooted ideas” CHOICE + “Get it right from the start” RELEVANCE + “Innovate in weeks vs. months” ACCELERATION #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces
  21. 21. Want to learn more? Download our White Paper: Contact: François Pétavy - @fpetavy #mediaaces @mediaaces /mediaaces