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ONDEC | Edition 2 | Shopping

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This edition has all the answers to your holiday shopping questions - although you may end up asking more questions at the end. Enjoy!

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ONDEC | Edition 2 | Shopping

  1. 1. ONDEC Vol 2. SHOPPING
  2. 2. HELLO SURVEY RESULT 77% 1 user TMK loves iPhone and Andrew S. uses a Windows Phone for the record, Windows Phones are very underrated Which Unbundled App Do You Use? App User Facebook (Original) 13 Facebook Messenger 10 Facebook Paper 1 Foursquare 7 Swarm 5 Google Doc 5 Google Drive 8 Google Sheets 2 NOTES FROM VOLUME 1 “Swarm has kind of ruined FourSquare, actually” “Tinder & Messaging [need to be unbundled] - because Tinder needs location services to be on when on Search mode, but it drains the battery when the user only wants to chat.” “I LOVE THIS” B. Lowenthal “WELL DONE” Promoted Review - local steakhouse “THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR BESIDES INTERSTELLAR” Made-up
  3. 3. Shopping season is here. When we open our wallets and see what’s inside, it’s amazing how so little has changed since we first started using wallets. Knowing how old the tech is, how safe is it when someone swipes our credit cards? Is there a better way? Will people adopt a new payment method after all these years? Besides payments, figuring out what to buy can be a headache, too. How much money advertisers spend to promote certain products during the holiday is also a good barometer for shopping trends, and you’ll find our interpretation of this data. There’s also a gift guide just in case you’re still wrestling with ideas. Happy Holidays! -DEC
  4. 4. OPINARY Every few months, a big retailer is on the news for suffering a credit card breach impacting millions of consumers, costing retailers, credit institutions, and the economy millions. How does this keep happening? Much of the problem lies within the dated infrastructure that must process credit card information behind the scenes at rapid speed. 6 5 4 11 10 8 9 12 7 CUSTOMER MERCHANT ACQUIRING BANK CARD ISSUER ISSUING BANK 1 2 3 CLEARING 8. Merchant’s bank sends the batch to Customer’s card issuer 9. Card Issuer routes the amount to Customer’s bank ! “time to pay up” 10. Customer’s bank transfers money to Card Issuer ! “always a pleasure” 11. Card Issuer passes the money to Merchant’s bank FUNDING 12. Merchant is happy and starts making more batches of fresh organic kale salad AUTHORIZATION 1. Customer says, “take my money!” 2. Merchant replies, “you know we will!” 3. Merchant’s bank asks Customer’s bank, “does she actually have enough money?” 4. Customer’s bank responds, “she’s mad rich” 5. Merchant’s bank OKs the transaction and there’s now a pending charge on the Customer’s credit card 6. Customer walks out with fresh organic kale salad BATCHING 7. At the end of the day, Merchant sends a list (or batch) of all credit card transactions to their bank to receive payment “show me the money!” continue by Kelly Coonan BEHIND THE SWIPE
  5. 5. OPINARY • Point-of-sale (POS) compromised by malware or skimmer • Electronic Pickpocketing • Phishing • Unsecure WiFi • Screaming credit card info in public during a frustrating customer service call ETGFKVECTFVGEJPQNQI[KUPGCTN[[GCTUQNF 7RFCVGF%JKR2KPECTFUJCXGDGGPWUGFKP'WTQRG HQT[GCTU6JG[QHHGTDGVVGTRTQVGEVKQPQXGT OCIPGVKEUYKRGECTFUD[OCMKPIECTFTGRNKECVKQP OQTGFKHHKEWNVCPFKORQUUKDNGVQWUGYKVJQWVCRKP 6JGUGCTGEWTTGPVN[DGKPITQNNGFQWVKPVJG75CPF CTGGZRGEVGFVQTGFWEGHTCWFD[ Popular Hacking Methods (do not try at home) What does the future look like? Tokenization The gap left by smartcards is the backbone of credit card transactions: a 16 digit number floating around which, if stolen, can be easily used to access your account. Tokenization addresses this problem by creating unique and random numbers for each purchase. Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and startups like Final are already using this technology, but scaling across customers, financial institutions, and merchants will take time. How to avoid Hacking • Use cash • Set up account alerts • Pray • Don’t share credit card info via phone or email HAVE YOU BEEN HACKED BEFORE?
  6. 6. SOFTSERV your new wallet is not a wallet. by Linda Chen the future of the mobile wallet by the numbers: 1.5 BILLION smart phones will be used globally by 2017 $90 BILLION payments will be on mobile 50% of smartphone users say they would use mobile wallets the space is getting crowded DO YOU USE A MOBILE WALLET? initial results are in 72 hours since launch, Apple Pay quickly became the #1 wireless payment leader in the US. But registrations aside, are people actually using it? Seems so… 150,000% transac,ons%in% the%first%3%weeks% ½%of%all%tap9to9 pay%purchases% now%come%from% Apple%Pay% 2x%increase%in% all%mobile% purchases%
  7. 7. SOFTSERV )
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  10. 10. ADS’R’US Ad Spend (000s ) WHAT HOLIDAY AD SPEND SAYS ABOUT US tech sells like sex sells by Will Moseley Derek Lu Jonathan Kim OMG he went to Jared...again, and again, and again the ice cream maker is amazing! do you have a gift receipt? level 27 black mage with OP gear farming end game. it gets better I bought a pair of jeans yesterday. I have nothing to wear tomorrow though hide your children. the toys are coming books aren’t sexy. Buzzfeed killed books. Buzzkill bought winter running pants last year. keeps me really warm in bed. snooze source:Nielsen
  11. 11. T R ICK OR TREAT HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Ostrich Pillow $25 MakerBot Replicator $1,375 Barry Shower Curtain $59.99 please reach out for further details and instructions Philips Wake-Up Light $169.99 Smart Things Kit $199.99 it’s seriously cool the future of sleep build your imagination. literally the future of sleep Kelly Derek Linda Will Jonathan
  12. 12. T R ICK OR TREAT SAMSUNG FRAMED 85-INCH ULTRA HD 120Hz 3D SMART LED TV CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED READ MORE now only $39,997.99 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE you need this more than you think you do!
  13. 13. HELLO UNTIL NEXT TIME Questions/Comments: