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Rich Man, Poor Man List building: List Building Tips for Everyone

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Email list building - the best way to ensure your business success.

But you already knew that, didn't you? You are just not sure how to REALLY build your list successfully... And that's where my list building tips come in.

For more tips:

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  • Another brilliant presentation Ana. I love the idea of letting people give away your freebie. I'm putting it on my to do list right now. :) Thank you!!
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Rich Man, Poor Man List building: List Building Tips for Everyone

  1. Rich Man Poor Man List Building
  2. Growing email list is the single best thing you can do for your business
  3. Too much money and not enough time or patience?
  4. (pssst... can I have your number?) Gil Elvgren “All Set”, 1956
  6. #1. Buy a List ...BOO!
  7. #1. Buy a List ...BOO!
  8. You’ll end up with untargeted, unresponsive list
  9. Can’t sell a steak to a vegetarian...
  10. #2. Banner Advertising
  11. Ever heard of banner blindness? Still there.
  12. #3. Buy Ezine Solo Ads
  13. Find good lists and it’s definitely worth it
  14. #4. Google Adwords #5. Facebook Ads
  15. Might be worth it if you know what you are doing
  17. you know... for the rest of us
  18. #6. Cross promotion
  19. Approach other bloggers in your niche and agree to tell your list about their newsletter, if they do the same for you
  20. #7. Product bonus
  21. Give away your freebie as a bonus to another blogger’s product.
  22. #8. Give an incentive
  23. give away something special to a random subscriber to your list.
  24. a gift card, a premium product, a service, etc. For instance,
  25. This will give your readers incentive to get on your list and stay on your list
  26. #9. Password protect your posts
  27. Set a password for your popular posts or for a part of a post.
  28. #10. Leverage other blogs
  29. Round up a few bloggers and each of you will write a post promoting each other’s newsletter and/or freebies.
  30. #11. Hold back
  31. Give away a part of your freebie without an optin, but do ask readers to subscribe to get the rest.
  32. #12. Let others give away your freebie
  33. Many bloggers don’t have a freebie of their own to build their list with.
  34. You can let them give away yours and suggest the readers join your list for more great stuff
  35. Don’t have a freebie to start building YOUR list?
  36. You can have my "Mommy, Where Does My Traffic Come From?" traffic report Download Traffic Report Here Click the button
  37. More List Building Tips? I has them... 21 Powerful List Building Tips Rich Man and Poor Man Style Click the title