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Advanced internet search

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Learn how search engines work, advanced Google techniques, and how to locate statistics online

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Advanced internet search

  2. 2. What we will cover today How Google works and how that impacts search Tricks, tips, and new ways of thinking about finding information for advertising online Finding statistics
  3. 3. How does Internet search work?
  4. 4. It starts with understanding the internet It’s big… It’s diverse… It’s dynamic.
  5. 5. Three parts of a search engine
  6. 6. Major Points Spiders explore the internet through links Spiders build lists of words and where the words are found on websites Search engines look through the index created by the spiders, not the Internet
  7. 7. What does this mean for your search?
  8. 8. An Algorithmic Culture Research has shown that many people equate relevancy in search rankings with reliability.5 Google-conditioned expectation of simple search
  9. 9. Not everything is findable by search engines
  10. 10. The pages you see are ranked by an algorithm.
  11. 11. Interested parties will always try to beat the system
  13. 13. Know when Googling is good… and when it is bad.
  14. 14. Alternate search engines Bielefeld Academic Search Engine Deep web business search Curated results for students Carrot2 Clustering, federated search ch Mamma metasearch Statistics Social media search Blog directory/search Search results with subject facets, global focus /
  15. 15. Advanced Google search functions ◦ ◦ Custom time frame ◦ Quotation marks for exact phrases (ex. autism “gluten intolerance”) ◦ Minus symbol to omit words (ex. Salsa recipes –tomato) ◦ Site: ◦ Related: ◦ Filetype: ◦ Link:
  16. 16. Start at the source USUAL SUSPECTS Directories Associations Government sources Online trade magazines Library resources Citation trails GOOGLE TRICKS Keyword search for topic and… ◦ “LibGuides” ◦ “database” ◦ “government” ◦ “association” or “organization” ◦ “directory” Related:URL for similar sites ◦ Ex. Related: Site:URL to search within a site Link:URL for all linked sites
  17. 17. Words for your search Glossary search “another term for…” Specialized vocabulary ◦ Geography ◦ Activity ◦ Expertise ◦ Outcome-based Result versus question Remove words Google Trends
  18. 18. Question your motives
  19. 19. Make the Internet come to you Google Alerts Blog feeds, news alerts, and newsletters Keyhole, Talkwalker, Mention, and more
  20. 20. Finding Statistics
  21. 21. Tactics 1. Google search including “statistics”, “data,” or “government” 2. Who cares to collect this? 3. General statistical source
  22. 22. Who cares to collect this? Governments Professional or trade associations Special interest groups Data collection agencies Scholarly research articles
  23. 23. Census Tools Time Topics Geography
  24. 24. Troublesome stats Local International Niche topics Marketing topics