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  1. 1. • we are architects crowed in retail business. This CV is part of our qualification. • our expertise is based on more than 14 years of experiences so far in retail with more than 500 projects throughout the world in time and budget. The experience ranges from design, existing concept implementation up to project management skills and retail consulting. • we feel and we breath retail and know how to serve to excellence in this business. • TBT is a studio which was created considering the diversity of the retail business / market in different countries with all its complexity and different regulations and the issues faced by global brands to provide them the tools to implement their global strategies in a heterogeneous regulated market • TBT is a studio with branch offices through the world with services in architecture, engineering, project management and consulting focused on retail business to give global brands like Nike the tools and support to standardize processes, performance and services in all countries leaded by TBT with a key account management and a adapted strategy as per demand and client. • We have almost 10 years of expereinces working with and for Nike succesfully on several projects where do we come from?
  2. 2. TheBrand-Tailors have offices and partners so far in: Austria / Belgium / Denmark / England / France / Germany /Greece / Hungary / Italy / Croatia/ The Netherlands / Portugal / Romania / Scotland / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland Argentina / Brasil / Chile / Mexico / Peru
  3. 3. TheBrand-Tailors have offices and partners so far in:
  4. 4. what is our scope of service? architecture and engineering service for retail, offices and showrooms in general
  5. 5. what is our scope of service? project management and / or local project assistance for retail, offices and showrooms
  6. 6. what is our scope of service? to implement strictly existing concepts of every retail format into the European retail market as required and requested by the client
  7. 7. what is our scope of service? to create new concepts of every retail format
  8. 8. what is our scope of service? to monitor and supervise the construction and fit-out period
  9. 9. what is our scope of service? to organize, monitor and supervise tender processes to select contractors for the construction
  10. 10. what is our scope of service? to organize and monitor the cost control of any project
  11. 11. what is our scope of service? to organize, monitor and supervise the application process for all required licenses
  12. 12. what is our scope of service? to give local assistance in the facility management and maintenance of existing projects
  13. 13. what is our scope of service? to give assistance and support in building or project assesments like LEED or BREEAM
  14. 14. what is our scope of service? to develop 3D-renders of the project with internal and external view from schematic to realistic quality-level with product.
  15. 15. what is our scope of service? to develop full package of construction by demand of the client including lighting, audio + video, IT, CCTV and intruder design
  16. 16. …. our fundamentals
  17. 17. # we think globally to act locally # retail business is fast - we are faster # we prefer to act instead of react # our objective is to perform to excellence – always # maximum input gives maximum output # we protect the interests and investment of the client – always # each project, information and client will be treated confidentially # we improve and learn – always # our new project will be treated like the first project - always our fundamentals
  18. 18. we see us flexible and adjustable to your business need
  19. 19. we believe in team work and team spirit together with our client but…..
  20. 20. ….with leadership yo u
  21. 21. ….our basic principle
  22. 22. • we are working already for several years for worldwide brands with an expertise of success in all store formats • we know well Brand’s philosophies and structures • we have given so far a personalized service to the brands team’s • in the last years we adapted us to different strategies to support worldwide brands successfully • we know well the supply chain behind each project and are knowing mostly a lot of the vendors • we helped worldwide brands already to standardize processes and to reduce cost we and other brands
  23. 23. what have we done so far for brands? • SIS • Flagship stores • Inline and franchise stores • Offices • Showrooms • Bars and stands • Restaurants • European implementations of new store concepts • Technical playbookS for store concepts • Coaching sessions and share tools for/with archisects from other countries • Service for facility management with the maintenance and refits of the existing stores.