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Archetype Branding for Fashion

How the application of archetypes can help brands build a powerful identity? Focusing on the fashion industry, this presentation reveals the archetypes behind iconic brands (Chanel, Tiffany, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith, Diesel) and shows the steps to use them as marketing strategy

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Archetype Branding for Fashion

  1. 1. Archetype Branding Uncovering brand archetypes in the fashion industry Mirela Lacerda
  2. 2. What Apple, Coca-Cola and Disney have in common? They are cultural symbols!
  3. 3. They have built Emotional engagement Remarkable identities Powerful brand images
  4. 4. The brand image... Communicates its values Directs actions Is embedded in emotion
  5. 5. Image + emotion = archetype
  6. 6. Archetypes... Are universal and timeless Are part of the collective unconscious Create identification
  7. 7. The archetype definition is the start point to build the brand identity Brand archetype Brand soul Target Values & positioning Compe titors Storytelling
  8. 8. Chanel Archetype = Lover Coco’s ideal of feminity and seduction Chanel
  9. 9. Diesel Archetype = Jester Have fun, enjoy life, seize the day
  10. 10. Burberry Archetype = Ruler Status and prestige built around London lifestyle and the iconic trench coat
  11. 11. Tiffany Archetype = Lover A celebration of love and special moments in life using New York as scenery
  12. 12. Alexander McQueen Archetype = Creator Nature, religion and history are elements of a disturbing and provocative vision
  13. 13. Stella McCartney Archetype = Innocent Sustainability, childish elements and a search for paradise
  14. 14. Paul Smith Archetype = Creator Arts, irreverence and a twisted vision on classics
  15. 15. Brand “X-Ray”: who, when, where, how and why? Development: story, mission, vision, values, positioning, competitors, target audience; communication, promotion and sales channels Research Goals Archetype definition Report
  16. 16. Emotional (desires and expectations about the brand) X Rational (business strategy) Goals Archetype definition ReportResearch
  17. 17. Research Goals Archetype definition Report Brand history Brand archetype Target Values & Positioning Competitors Storytelling
  18. 18. Research Goals ReportArchetype definition The Report is a guide that works as “brand compass”, providing detailed information about: - The archetype definition and its application - Mission, Vision, Values and Positioning - Visual References - Marketing and Communication Strategy
  19. 19.