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SEO & Optimized Services Innovations | MoreVisibility

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MoreVisibility, a leader in digital marketing, is always hard at work to ensure client success across a large number of projects and initiatives. Read on to learn what our Optimized Services team has been up to lately.

To learn more about our Optimized Services Department and its work with Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Multimedia Strategy, Optimized Responsive Design, and more, email

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SEO & Optimized Services Innovations | MoreVisibility

  1. 1. Expertise and Innovation in Optimized Services Insights into Recent Activities by the MoreVisibility Optimized Services team. Created by Matt Crowley, Senior Manager, Optimized Services
  2. 2. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 2 Holiday Season Initiatives & Strategies With the holidays upon us, we’ve been busy spearheading new initiatives and strategies for clients across a wide-range of industries, with a focus on broadening audience reach and engagement through:  Social Media  Content  SEO
  3. 3. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 3 Using Data to Tell a Story With quarterly data reviews, we present meaningful insights about Organic performance to: Executives Marketing Managers Content Creators Creating opportunities for Organic campaign growth and refinement.
  4. 4. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 4 Certification, Awards, & C3 We’re focused on Total Web Presence Management with our partner, Conductor and: • Attended and were a Platinum Sponsor of C3 2015 • Won the Agency Partner Excellence Searchie Award • The team is re-earning updated certifications on the Conductor Searchlight platform. • Matt Crowley achieved the highest certification available via Conductor known as the Legend Certification at C3. • Expanded our use of the newly released Conductor Searchlight platform updates for improving content creation and measurement for our clients.
  5. 5. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 5 Content Marketing Tactics Effectively creating and leveraging content of all kinds – from text to images to video to more – to engage audiences, compel actions and build brand loyalty is critical to Organic success. Our team is hard at work defining client plans, and writing, designing, and publishing content that that drives action.
  6. 6. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 6 Video, Video, Video! Our Strategists and Clients are bursting with creative vision and ideas for better leveraging video! We partner with our Creative Services team to formalize Video Strategy and consult on the development of custom animation and video as well as its publishing and deployment across websites, social media marketing channels, and more.
  7. 7. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 7 Website Redesign Initiatives Responsive has been the word all year – we’re busy leading Strategy, Planning, Content Mapping, Information Architecture development, and Consultation for a wide-range of diverse Optimized Website Redesign projects.
  8. 8. | © 2015 MoreVisibility 8 Around Our Community Matt Crowley, Sr. Manager of Optimized Services, presented to Florida Atlantic University students on the future of digital marketing.
  9. 9. To learn more about our Optimized Services Department and its work with Technical SEO, Content Marketing, Multimedia Strategy, Optimized Responsive Design, and more, email