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Lecture # 3

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Lecture # 3

  1. 1. Multimedia Applications Multimedia Data Representations Text & Fonts Lecture # 3 Razia Nisar Noorani LecturerSir Syed University of Engineering & Technology
  2. 2. Text and Fonts Text looks like the easiest medium to create and the least expensive to transmit, but there’s more to text creation than meets the eye! 2Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  3. 3. Text Three types of text that are used to produce pages of documents:  Unformatted text: also known as plaintext and enables pages to be created which comprise strings of fixed-sized characters from a limited character set. 3Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  4. 4. Text (Cont.)  Formatted text: also known as richtext and enables pages and complete documents to be created which comprise of strings of characters of different styles, size and shape with tables, graphics, and images inserted at appropriate points. 4Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  5. 5. Text (Cont.) Hypertext: This enables an integrated set of documents (each comprising formatted text) to be created which have defined linkages between them. 5 Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  6. 6. Fonts  Typeface A typeface is a family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles e.g., Times, Courier and Helvetica are typefaces, each of which include many sizes & styles 6Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  7. 7. Font  A font is a collection of characters of a single size and style, belong to a typeface family typical font styles are boldface, italic, bold italic, and underlined  font sizes are expressed in terms of points, where one point is .0138 or 1/72 inch,  where size is the distance from the top of capital letters to the bottom of descenders In lower-case letters such as g and j.  Times is a typeface; Times 12-point italic is a font In computers, however, people say “font” when “typeface” would be more accurate. 7Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  8. 8. Leading  Leading (pronounced “ledding”) is the space between lines of text  Lopuck recommends increasing the leading to improve readability of text on a screen Character metrics  Character metrics are the measurements of individual characters  Vector-based fonts permit changes to character metrics for interesting effects; bit-based fonts do not 8Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  9. 9. Kerning  Kerning is the spacing between character pairs Some fonts have variable kerning (e.g., Times), so have fixed kerning (e.g., Courier 9Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  10. 10. Serif and Scans Serif  A serif font has little decorations at the end of each letter stroke  Times and Century are examples of serif fonts; Arial is a sans serif font  On printed pages, serif fonts are traditionally used for body text because they help guide the reader’s eye along the line of text  Headlines use sans serif text  Computer screens, with 72-dpi (dots per inch), don’t provide as much resolution as print, so it can be argued sans serif fonts are more legible in small sizes hence, 12-point Arial font (in Windows) is standard font 10Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  11. 11. 11Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  12. 12. Dreamweaver Tutorial:Change Font Style  Highlight the text to be formatted on the web page. Right-click the highlighted text or click on the Text menu and then click Style. From the Style sub-menu select the style type you want to apply to the selected text. Dreamweaver applies the style to the text. 12Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  13. 13.  You can combine styles to create more complicated effects. For example, you can apply Bold and Italic to get Bold Italic. 13Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  14. 14.  You can also select the Text menu from the Insert Menu options. The Text menu will appear with several options for formatting text. 14Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  15. 15.  The most commonly used styles, the Bold and Italic style have shortcuts on the Property Inspector and the Text sub-menu. 15Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  16. 16.  In the Property Inspector, click on B for Bold text or I for Italic text. 16Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  17. 17.  Change a Font TypefaceWith the text selected, click on a font family from the Font drop-down menu in the Property Inspector. Dreamweaver applies thefont family to the selected text. 17 Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  18. 18. Change Font Size 18Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  19. 19. Make Text Bold, Italic, orUnderlined 19Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  20. 20. Change Text Color 20Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12
  21. 21. Questions ? 21Multimedia Technologies (ITC-511) 03/17/12