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Bleubird project

Visual Promotion Project for Bleubird clothing store. A team assignment in my Visual Language course.

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Bleubird project

  1. 1. Creative Team • Tuan Anh (Photographer/Designer): Produces initial photos, creates original promotional materials. • Tra My (Image Analyst): Studies concepts, symbolism and visual elements that are incorporated in the images. • Tuong Linh (Market Researcher): Studies target market and how to convey the messages properly.
  2. 2. Background Information • Founded in June 2013. • Product line: Designed women clothing in vintage style • Price range: 300.000 - 500.000 VND. • Blue bird symbol: hope, contentment, happiness.
  3. 3. Concept • Intended message/Proposition: Modern vintage designed clothing • How: The comparison between drafted ideas and reality (photos), in a fashion designer’s sketchbook (2D vs 3D). “Blue bird = the connection” • Why: Implies the term “designed clothing”. Blue bird = brand’s symbol & designer’s delight when the ideas come true.
  4. 4. Target Market Demographics Female Age: 18-24 Middle high income Geodemographics Mostly in Hanoi, Vietnam Psychographics Thinker: practical, independent Experiencer: self-expressive, impulsive, carefree and tend to spend on fashion products Believer: tend to be loyal customer Behaviourgraphics User rate: Frequent consumption User status: Non-user, potential & loyal customers
  5. 5. Mood board
  6. 6. Implementation • Online advertising : Official fanpage; Run Facebook Ads. • Media coverage: – Printed advertising: Lookbook; Posters; Place at partners’ stores: The Leaf Craft, Thriftster, Tang Tret Cafe. – Online media: Kenh14; Hoa Hoc Tro;; Dep; Elle; etc.