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Jd edwards upgrade roundtable at innovate15 empire merchants case study

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An in-depth, interactive session addressing real world scenarios and the challenges that are often faced during an upgrade. Hear from customer and other "experts" who will share experiences, best practices and lessons learned and help eliminate "the gotchas!" If you’re planning or contemplating an upgrade, this session provides a great opportunity to understand what lies ahead -- and be much more prepared!

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Jd edwards upgrade roundtable at innovate15 empire merchants case study

  1. 1. LessonsLearned for Upgrading JD Edwards (Xe ->9.1) Don’t bite off more than you can chew, walk before you run and other clichés. Find out why we crammed 6 months of implementation into a 13 month project
  2. 2. Who We Are • Empire Merchants LLC is Metro New York's Leading distributor of fine wines and spirits. • Empire Merchants’ vision is to be the distributor of choice to our suppliers, customers, associates and the community.
  3. 3. Who We Are • We have 1200 associates. • We ship 8.5MM cases per year. • We are privately held. • JD Edwards users since 2002. • Approximately 200 JD Edwards users. • Successfully running JDE Xe 7.334 financials and distribution modules. • We operate 24 X 5. Orders placed by 5pm are delivered the next day. • Relatively high number of transactions.
  4. 4. Why Empire Upgraded • JD Edwards Xe coming to end of support. • Upgrade to supported version to mitigate business risk. • Ability to leverage new functionality. • Ability to leverage new technology.
  5. 5. Upgrade Tenants • Empire will go to the latest version of JD Edwards – Enterprise One 9.1.2. – JD Edwards Financial and Distribution Modules – Includes all third-party applications, custom programs and interfaces. • Go live July 21, 2014 – Second Monday of July 2014 shutdown. • This is primarily a system upgrade, we will implement limited business process changes, we will not be reengineering all business processes. – Enhancement requests – all items will be captured in the Parking Lot and be reviewed, classified and prioritized.
  6. 6. Culture descends from the top down • Involvement of the company leaders – Senior executives supported the project • Cleared ITs’ decks so we could focus on the project • Prioritized project for team members • Actively involved in key milestones (kick offs, weekly status…) • Led by example, dedicated time to the project • Approved budget and timeline – Department Heads • Took ownership, led by example • Actively Involved • Assigned Super Users and Subject Matter Experts
  7. 7. Know Thy Self, We’ve all been around the block • Why did we cram 6 months of implementation into a 13 month project? – We mapped out the timeline to fit: • Our business environment – Busy period – OND (October, November, December) – Industry Shutdowns in Jan and July • Resources – Availability - Take into account how much time they can give and when – Experience Level - Most people do not do this type of work often, give them time to get up to speed – This extended timeline added challenges to resource continuity with the consultants
  8. 8. Our Empire Team Steering Committee & Executive Committee (7) Process Owners/ Business Leads (12) Subject Mater Experts (14) Super Users (18)
  9. 9. Our Empire IT Team Ed Lederer (CIO) Armando Valerio JDE Application Manager Al Ferrante Operations & Systems Manager CNC & I Series Operations (2) Business Analysts (5) Developers (4) Documentation (2)
  10. 10. Our MCG Team Engagement Manager Distribution Lead CNC Developer Technical Lead Finance Lead /PM Documentation /UPK
  11. 11. Share-share that’s fair • Setup an organizational structure for heavy user involvement – Shared responsibilities for • Requirements definition • Scripting • Testing • Documentation – Business users took lead and ownership with IT and MCG providing support
  12. 12. You get what you inspect, not what you expect • Testing – Thorough and structured “IT” testing • Developer testing - ensure retrofits work • Unit testing by Business Analysts – ensure output is what is expected – Track and monitor what is tested • Better to fix and retest now then to clean up in production
  13. 13. Practice Makes Perfect • Training – Have the business teams take ownership to develop a method that works for their team. One size does not fit all • Our goal was to train the trainer and support as needed • Approaches we actually used – Train the trainer and conduct formal classroom training – Train the trainer and conduct small group/one on one training – Implementation team conducted training directly – Take the opportunity to make your organization stronger • Give the users a better understanding of what they do and why they do their day to day activities • Take a deeper dive into what they do (i.e. Order Active rules and status) • Expand the breadth of what they do
  14. 14. Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration • More on Training – Set up facilities and structure that enable the training • We set up dedicated training rooms and practice areas that were accessible. • Scheduled the training and published a calendar. • Added sessions based on feedback. • Supported trainer and trainee. – Types of sessions • Foundation – basic training on new version for everyone • Trainer readiness – to ensure the trainers knew what to do, met expectations and rehearsed as needed • Instructor led for the specific business functions • Scheduled practice sessions for specific business functions – UPK used as a training tool
  15. 15. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me • More Testing - Thorough and structured user testing – User acceptance testing (UAT) • Process owners must own the scripts • Schedule attainable goals and milestones (5 Due by 10/1, 10 by 11/1..) • Scheduled monthly check-in meetings, most associates had limited experience in scripting. • Give yourself enough time, Empire scheduled 10 weeks – 5 for prescheduled functional testing – 1 week for integration testing – 4 weeks to retest as needed • Schedule testing to: – Build on itself (i.e. use items created in a previous test to create POs or SOs) – Use “canned” data, just in case there were issues with earlier tests • Have a testing room, some place away from their normal work area • Bring in lunch for the team – Track and monitor what is tested • Create a method to organize and track scripts. We used spreadsheets • Create a method to track objects that need to be reworked. We developed an application in JD Edwards
  16. 16. Are we there yet?? • More Testing – Cycle Testing • Integrated tests conducted by IT • Testing of interfaces into and out of JD Edwards • Volume testing – Stress Testing • We used users. – Coordinated timing for users across locations. • Added batch jobs to increase load. • Looked into software tools
  17. 17. Cut Over • Data Conversion – Conducted 6 Mock GoLives • Reduced conversion time form 70 hours to 38 Hours • Planned steps out in detail • Cut Over during the weekend of 18 July 2014 • System not available to users on Monday • Began to turn over to users on Tuesday and Wednesday. – GoLive took place during Empires’ July Shutdown, limited users on the system • Normal operations began on 28 July 2014 • Deployed support resources to all locations to directly support the users • Tracked issues as they came in • Daily Status calls for first 2 weeks – Provided visibility and transparency
  18. 18. Our New JDE Environment • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1.2 • Tools release 9.1.3 • IBM iSeries 740 – Production Server • IBM iSeries 720 – Disaster Recovery Server – Mimix for replication • Upgraded all desktops to Windows 7
  19. 19. Some Facts and Figures • 3097 Custom Objects – is this heavily modified? – 2490 - Retro fitted – 607 - Obsoleted • 1624 Test Scripts developed • Documentation – 255 Main Topics – 215 Duplicate Topics
  20. 20. Lessons Learned • Server sizing and tuning – We had some interactive performance issues that impacted the user experience. Involving WebSphere and memory utilization. – Worked with IBM Labs and Oracle to tune server configuration. • When sizing servers ask for cost sensitivity for more capability. (i.e. relativity small $ to double memory) • Test on same desktop configuration as will be used in production, including monitors. – It took some effort to configure display sizing – Impacted initial user experience • We needed more CNC resources than initially scoped
  21. 21. April – June 2012 June-Sept 2012 Sept 2012 Jan - April 2013  Developed Budgetary Estimates  Analyzed JD Edward upgrade verses conversion to SAP  Presented upgrade recommendation to board  Received Proposals:  Implementation Partner  Hardware  March – ordered hardware May 2013 June 25, 2013 July – Sept 2013 Sept 2013 – Feb 2014  Selected Minardi Consulting Group As Implementation Partner  Kick Off Meeting - Invited all team members and EM management and MCG presented objectives, high level plan  Business Requirements Sessions  Retro Fits and testing of objects Feb – April 2014 May – Aug 2014 July 22 2014  User Acceptance Testing  Rework of retrofits as needed  Training  Cut over planning  Mock Go Lives  GO LIVE JDE Upgrade Implementation Plan
  22. 22. Questions ?
  23. 23. Contacts Joanne Ferrier Director of Consulting Office (973) 227-1998 Cell (201) 401-1254 Armando J. Valerio Application Manager Office (718) 383-5500 x9266 Edward B. Lederer Chief Information Officer Office (718) 383-5500 x 9455
  24. 24. Join more than 500 other JD Edwards users at April 12-16, 2015 Mandalay Bay- Las Vegas, NV • Keynote from Lyle Ekdahl, Vice President of JD Edwards • JD Edwards’ Roadmap and Strategy (Including Big Announcements) • Education around JD Edwards with Edge products, macro-level content and high-level strategy • More than 230 Solution Providers across several Oracle Products