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Nuance Readers 2017-2018

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Nuance Readers is a six level award-winning collection of exciting fiction readers for students of English. These highly engaging original stories will entertain students whilst improving their English and extended reading skills. Each reader is carefully graded according to grammatical structures, vocabulary and length and comes with accompanying audio CD.

• audio CD/CDs of the complete story alongside specially chosen extracts for comprehension exercises
• meaningful exercises that emphasise vocabulary and comprehension
• careful vocabulary and grammar grading
• useful glossaries
• written in a fresh and lively style
• wide range of genres from mystery and thrillers to fantasy and science fiction
• illustrated in full colour
• worksheets
Level 1 > A1 approximately 300-word vocabulary / length approximately 3000 words
Level 2 > A1-A2 approximately 500-word vocabulary / length approximately 6000 words
Level 3 > A2-B1 approximately 750-word vocabulary / length approximately 9000 words
Level 4 > B1 approximately 1100-word vocabulary / length approximately 12000 words
Level 5 > B1-B2 approximately 1500-word vocabulary / length approximately 14000 words
Level 6 > B2 approximately 1800-word vocabulary / length approximately 16000 words

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Nuance Readers 2017-2018

  1. 1. General Editor: James Bean “The Bookshop”, “The Winning Shot”, and “Body on the Rocks” have won the Extensive Reading Foundation's “Language Learner Literature Awards”. Nuance Readers is a six level award-winning collection of exciting fiction readers for students of English. These highly engaging original stories will entertain students whilst improving their English and extended reading skills. Each reader is carefully graded according to grammatical structures, vocabulary and length and comes with accompanying audio CD. • audio CD/CDs of the complete story alongside specially chosen extracts for comprehension exercises • meaningful exercises that emphasise vocabulary and comprehension • careful vocabulary and grammar grading • useful glossaries • written in a fresh and lively style • wide range of genres from mystery and thrillers to fantasy and science fiction • illustrated in full colour • free downloadable worksheets & exams ( A1+(Breakthrough) A1(Breakthrough) A2 (Waystage) A2+(Waystage) B2 (Vantage) B1 (Threshold) A1-B22017-2018
  2. 2. 978-975-7103-54-7 978-975-7103-49-3 Adventure in the Alps +CD Pauline Francis (Adventure) Lisa is scared of skiing! Little by little, she gets better at it, but at the end of the day she is still too afraid to ski down the mountain with her ski class. She is about to get onto the ski lift when she sees that someone from the class is in danger. Lisa is the only one who can help. What will she do? Cousins and Crocodiles +CD Jane Bowring (Family relationships) Why did Susie's English cousins come on holiday if they don't want to have fun? They are in the north of Australia! There's a lot to do and a lot to see, but Alice is always reading and Jamie is always naughty. When Jamie disappears and the family can't find him. Where is Jamie? Divers in Danger +CD 978-975-7103-79-0 Sue Murray (Adventure) Ben Harrison loves scuba diving. He is with a group of students on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. They are learning how to dive and how to stay safe under the water. But Karl, one of the other students, wants to do things his own way. Ten metres down, Karl gets into trouble. Ben has to stay calm and think fast to get the two of them out of danger. A Dangerous Race +CD 978-605-5450-76-2 Sue Murray (Thriller) Sophie and her father are sailing their yacht Salsa in a race on Sydney Harbour. Before the race starts, Sophie sees Zenith, a big luxury yacht. On board Zenith are American billionaire Conrad Rossiter and his son Ryan, who are visiting Sydney. As Salsa and the other boats race around the harbour, Sophie sees something strange happening on Zenith – Ryan Rossiter is in danger. Pauline Francis (Travel adventure) There's an exciting email for Ben from his friend Nico in Italy. Nico has two tickets for the Italy–England football match! On the plane from London to Rome, Ben makes a new friend, who is also going to the match. But the boys get a nasty surprise – their tickets are missing! The Football Match +CD 978-975-7103-50-9 Sue Murray (Adventure) There are grizzly bears in Yoho National Park in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Before Joe and Randall go walking in the park, Joe's mother tells them be careful. They should stay on the trail, stay together and never stand between a mother bear and her cub. Grizzly +CD 978-975-7103-65-3 The Game +CD Sue Murray (Adventure) Every night, Dylan plays Orloff's Castle, a computer game. In the game he has to free Princess Zia, a prisoner of the evil Count Orloff. But one night something strange happens – by magic, Dylan is pulled into the computer. He's not just playing the game now – he is in the game! His only way back to the real world is to go into the castle and find the princess. Can Dylan defeat Count Orloff? 978-975-7103-82-0 The Fast Lane +CD Claire Craig (Adventure) Alex thinks he is going on a nice drive in the country with his dad. But when they stop at a café, Alex's day stars to go horribly wrong. A dangerous-looking man gets into the car and drives away, taking Alex with him. Where is Alex's dad? Who is this man and what will he do to Alex? 978-975-7103-52-3
  3. 3. Jane Bowring (Mystery) When a cute little dog turns up at Sally's front door, the first thing she wants to do is keep it. After all, the dog doesn't have a name tag, so how can Sally find its home? But one day in the park she talks with someone who tells her about the dog's owner. This gets her thinking: The owner loves that little dog… I have to find him. Lost in the Rain +CD 978-975-7103-66-0 Land of Gold +CD Claire Craig (Travel adventure) Maddy and her friend Cate are in Egypt on a school trip. They keep seeing a mysterious man in a black suit. Then they look in Cate's bag and are shocked at what they find. Should they tell somebody about their discovery? Why is the man in black following them? 978-975-7103-53-0 Alan C. McLean (Relationships) Ellen's friend Holly shows her an advertisement for a TV show. Are you under 16? Can you sing? Then you can be in Stars of Tomorrow. 'We can enter,' says Holly. Ellen is very nervous about it – the other singers are so good, and one of the judges is very nasty! Stars ofTomorrow +CD 978-975-7103-68-4 Den se K rby (Thr ller) At Abby and Dean's school, there s a costume party to collect money for a h story tr p to France and Italy. Dur ng the party Abby d scovers that the box w th the money s m ss ng. At the same t me Dean sees a man n a Musketeer costume and not ces that the man has the money box! Dean tr es to talk to h m, but the man runs away. Who s the m ster ous musketeer? Can Dean and Abby stop h m? Alan C. McLean (Sport-Adventure) Mitch has a new camera. He wants to win the prize for the best photograph at the Vancouver Giants' ice hockey game. He takes pictures of the players on the ice and the people in the crowd. But some people aren't happy to have their picture taken, and one of Mitch's pictures gets him and his brother Ben into big trouble. TheWinning Shot +CD 978-975-7103-81-3 TheYoung Riders +CD James Bean (Adventure) Ariuna and her brother Tuli live in Mongolia. When Tuli and his horse are hurt and cannot ride in an important horse race, Ariuna decides to take his place. Some people say that her horse isn't fast enough, but Ariuna is determined to show that they are wrong. 978-975-7103-51-6 Alan C. McLean (Sport-Social issues) Mumba Siwale is the best football player in his town in Zambia. His life changes the day a man comes to see him play and invites him to join a top English football club. Mumba is very excited. But when he arrives in England, things don't work out the way he expected. Will Mumba ever play for the team he loves? The Right Team +CD 978-975-7103-80-6 Stop that Musketeer! +CD 978-605-5450-93-9 James Bean (Adventure) Gary Kent is a planespotter – he loves watching planes take off and land. He knows all the planes and all the flights. When Gary sees something strange at the airport one afternoon, soon he realises that Flight PP401 to Los Angeles is in danger. Gary knows he has to help – but who's going to listen to a thirteen-year-old boy? Planespotting +CD 978-975-7103-67-7
  4. 4. A1+(Breakthrough) Paula Smith (Sport-Social issues) Can a basketball jersey bring bad luck? Madison Munroe is usually a great basketball player. But ever since she joined her new team and started wearing the number nine jersey, she's played badly. Then she hears strange stories about the jersey – people say the bad luck started with a girl who wore it many years ago. Madison and her brother decide to find out what happened to her. Lucky for Some +CD 978-975-7103-83-7 Blue Moon Beach +CD Sue Murray (Adventure) Sam Martin loves watching the beautiful sea eagles flying over Blue Moon Beach. But when two suspicious- looking men arrive, Sam begins to get worried. What do these men want? Soon Sam and his new friend Tim realise that the sea eagles are in danger, and they decide that they have to stop the men and save the birds. 978-975-7103-48-6 The BrideWore Black +CD Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) A wedding reception turns to tragedy when robbers arrive to steal the guests' jewellery and a man is shot dead. Molly thinks there's something very strange about this crime. 'It's not a job for you', her friend tells her. 'It's a job for the police.' But she wants some answers. Was this just a robbery gone horribly wrong? 978-975-7103-71-4 Denise Kirby (Adventure) Scott Gordon lives near the beach and belongs to the surf club. Soon he's going to try for the Bronze Medallion – the first step to becoming a real lifesaver. But his grandmother doesn't like the idea. When she tells Scott the story of a day that changed her life, he begins to understand how dangerous the sea can be. Between the Flags +CD 978-975-7103-44-8 Denise Kirby (Mystery) It’s work experience week for Lucy Gardner and her classmates, but Lucy isn’t happy – she has to work in an old bookshop that nobody ever goes into. And worse, the owner of the shop is a very grumpy lady. But when Lucy finds an old diary in the shop one day, things start to get interesting. Many years ago, the person who wrote the diary hid something very valuable. But what was it, and where is it hidden? The Bookshop +CD 978-605-5450-77-9 Hot Air +CD Denise Kirby (Adventure) Donna and her family are going on a ballooning weekend in the country. 'It's going to be great,' says her brother. Donna isn't confident at first, but when the balloon goes up into the air, it feels strange and wonderful – and she feels free. Then things start to go wrong… 978-975-7103-69-1 The Black Night +CD Denise Kirby (Humour-Thriller) Archie loves to draw. He often goes to the Art Gallery to make copies of the beautiful paintings there. One evening he finds himself locked in the gallery after it has closed. It should be easy to get someone to let him out. But Archie is not the only person in the gallery that night. There are other visitors – and they are up to no good. When he realises there's a robbery happening, Archie knows it's his job to stop it. 978-975-7103-85-1 978-605-5450-31-1 Denise Kirby (Thriller) Jack and his friend Mitchell are going to 'Walk the Wall' - they're going to walk for eight days along Hadrian's Wall, the old Roman wall in the north of England. 'It'll be easy,' says Mitchell. But the walk isn't easy. The boys get sore feet and tired legs. There are hills to climb, and there's rain. Then they make a terrible discovery, and a difficult walk becomes a dangerous adventure. Death at Hadrian'sWall +CD
  5. 5. Playing with Fire +CD Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) Something strange is happening near Lizzie Baxter's farm. At night, there have been fires in old houses and barns. Someone calls the fire brigade every time, but doesn't give their name. Who is lighting these fires? When there's a fire on Lizzie's farm one night, she comes facetoface with the danger. 978-975-7103-84-4 Pirates! +CD Pauline Francis (Adventure) Anna has a holiday job helping out on a yacht called Summer Cloud. She's excited because two very important passengers are coming on board. Kit has to get photos of Anna's passengers for a new magazine. But out at sea, Kit discovers that the people who gave him the job want more than just photos… 978-975-7103-70-7 Ride forYour Life +CD Pauline O'Carolan (Adventure) Annie isn't happy when she is sent to her aunt's farm. When she arrives, something is wrong – Aunt Jean is behaving strangely, and Annie's cousin and uncle are nowhere to be seen. When Annie decides to find out for herself what's wrong on the farm, things get dangerous and she has to ride for her life. 978-975-7103-46-2 Shopping forTrouble +CD Paula Smith (Social issues) Colette is studying English in London. She loves art and is thrilled when she and her friend Annika are allowed to visit the National Gallery. But Annika thinks they can have more fun elsewhere. Colette isn't happy, but she goes along with her friend. Then she sees –or thinks she sees– Annika do something that gets them both into serious trouble. 978-975-7103-47-9 Worm Juice +CD Denise Kirby (Adventure) Mrs Peterson gives her class a big new project – they have to find something they can sell at the Tunbridge Town Fete. At first, Justin's group don't know what to sell, but then Justin has a bright idea – they'll sell 'worm juice'. Worm juice is a wonderful fertiliser for plants! But they soon discover that setting up a worm farm isn't easy… 978-975-7103-72-1 TheShowMustGoOn+CD Sue Murray (Social issues) Tom and Fraser are excited when TV star Heath Mason visits their school and announces a play competition. The best actor in the competition will go on TV! The boys decide to put on a play together. But that's the easy part. As the night of the competition gets closer, they face more and more problems … The show must go on – but will it? 978-975-7103-45-5 978-605-5450-28-1 Sue Murray (Travel adventure) Jeremy and his mother are on holiday in San Francisco. They buy a toy monkey. It's a gift for Jeremy's baby sister. But they are not the only ones who want that monkey - there are other people who want it very badly. After someone steals it from him, Jeremy can't understand why. What's so special about this toy monkey? Jeremy gets a big surprise when he finds out. Ruby's Gift +CD The Secret by the Lake +CD 978-605-5450-97-7 Jane Bowr ng (Mystery) While on holiday at a beautiful lake, Sally and her dog Callie meet a strange, unfriendly woman, who tells Sally to keep her dog away. The woman doesn't want anybody coming near her place. 'Some people just don't like dogs,' says Sally's mother. But Sally asks some questions in the nearby village and begins to think the woman is hiding something... This story is a sequel to 'Lost in the Rain', Nuance Readers Level 1.
  6. 6. 978-975-7103-43-1 In Sarah’s Dreams +CD Sam Bowring (Fantasy) Sarah hasn't made any friends at her new school. And Jill, the school bully. But when Sarah goes to sleep at night, she has a strange friend who comes into her dreams and shows her how things might be different. It's okay while these things only happen in her dreams, but soon it becomes clear that Sarah's world is changing. 978-975-7103-42-4 The Key +CD Denise Kirby (Mystery) It's just a little key. Somebody sent it in the mail. But the person it was sent to never got it – and nobody knows who sent it. So now it's in the Dead Letter Office at the city post office. When Danny hears about it, he decides to solve the ''BIG mystery of the LITTLE key.'' Danny and his friend Emma search for answers all over town… 978-975-7103-39-4 The Man Next Door +CD Pauline O'Carolan (Mystery) When Pat Devlin goes to visit his friend Annie in Glasgow, he is surprised at how rude her next-door neighbour is. The man isn't only unfriendly – he also makes a lot of noise, which keeps Annie and her mother awake at all hours. Pat and Annie begin to suspect that this strange man is not who he says he is. They decide to investigate. 978-975-7103-89-9 Mystery at Lion Rock +CD Alan C. McLean (Mystery-Thriller) Hannah Fox and her friend Jo are on the holiday island of Mallorca. The sun is shining and the water is perfect for swimming. But in this beautiful place, something terrible is happening. Hannah learns that their mysterious rich neighbour is hiding something – a secret project that could lead to the deaths of many people. He must be stopped, and Hannah wants to be the one to do it. 978-975-7103-88-2 DoubleTrouble +CD Pauline O'Carolan (Travel-Adventure) Some strange things happen to the Robinson family on their holiday on the Fijian island of Tavioka. At first it's just small things that go wrong – someone steals their shoes, and they find their rooms full of toads! But then they start to feel their lives are in danger. It becomes clear that someone doesn't want them to stay on the island. But who? And why? Their Fijian friend Iveri helps them to find out. 978-975-7103-73-8 Gone! +2 CDs Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) Jenna isn't sure about her new brother. She is sixteen, and it feels strange that her mother has just had a baby. Then when something terrible happens to the baby, some people think that Jenna may be to blame. But Jenna is determined to save her little brother and find out what has really happened. 978-975-7103-86-8 Sue Murray (Comedy) CHOIR is the Central Headquarters of the Organisation for Invention and Research. It's topsecret! At CHOIR, highly intelligent young people make new inventions that will help the world. Harley Baxter has invented a robot. It's so lifelike that he is sure nobody will ever know it's a robot. But when Harley takes his robot home and to school, things don't go quite the way he planned! CHOIR Boy is a play. You can read it like any story, or you can act it out with a group –like real actors! CHOIR Boy +CD 978-975-7103-87-5 Deadly Holiday +2 CDs Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) Annie is on holiday in Australia with her friend Pat. They're visiting Pat's mother Noreen and her new family. But there's something odd about these people. When Annie hears a conversation between Noreen's new husband and a strange man, she starts to get worried. Then accidents start to happen. But are they really accidents? Or is someone trying to kill Pat and his mother?
  7. 7. Paula Smith (Thriller) Four friends - Alex, Dan, Matt and Hannah - are spending a week in the country on a school trip. In an old, empty farmhouse, they discover hidden boxes full of stolen things. They tell the police what they've found, but someone makes sure the police don't believe them. What has happened to the boxes? Who is keeping the secret in the farmhouse? When the four friends try to come up with some answers, they find themselves up against a group of dangerous criminals. Stranger Danger +CD Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) Chris Jones doesn't want to spend the weekend camping with his dad. But he has been in trouble, and his dad has decided that a long hike in the forest is just what he needs. As they sit round the campfire at night, Chris and his dad hear a noise and decide to find out what it is. What they see shocks them both, and puts them in great danger. This is an exciting thriller! 978-975-7103-41-7 Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) After a terrible car accident, Rose doesn't like to go out. Instead, she watches the world from her balcony. She sees people down in the street below. She watches them coming and going from her building. One day Rose sees someone acting strangely and decides to watch more closely. She soon finds out that two people in her life are in danger. She needs to do something to help - but is she brave enough? What Rose Saw +2 CDs 978-605-5450-29-8 The Rainbow Girl +CD Philip Voysey (Fantasy) Maribella is different from other children –she has a humpback. The people in her village say she brings bad luck, and they don't let their children near her. But her mother Luz tells them,“My daughter has a big heart. One day she will do something special”. And one day she does, the villagers will never forget. 978-975-7103-40-0 TheSecretintheFarmhouse+CD 978-605-5450-30-4
  8. 8. A2+(Waystage) 978-975-7103-38-7 Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) Mia Alati gets a shock when thieves arrive at her family's villa in the Italian countryside. They have come to steal her father's fabulous art collection. The thieves have guns, but Mia and her grandmother are smart. When they are taken prisoner, the two of them use some quick and clever thinking to get out of a dangerous situation. The Alati Collection +2 CDs Blown Away +2 CDs Sue Murray (Travel adventure) Corey Cassidy and his friend Grant are driving around the beautiful Pacific island, looking for good places to surf, when the weather changes. The sea gets rougher and the wind gets stronger and stronger. A tropical cyclone is coming. Corey tells the story of the terrible storm, and the people who help him get through it. 978-975-7103-37-0 A Second Chance +2 CDs Paula Smith (Fantasy) Joanna Jones dreams of being an actor in the theatre. She meets Mr Joseph, a kind old man who knows a lot about acting and singing. He believes in Joanna and offers to teach her what he knows. The two of them work together in secret, and when an unexpected chance comes along, Joanna is ready! 978-975-7103-36-3 The Singing Stones +2 CDs Sue Murray (Fantasy quest) 'Find the stones… You will find the way to help all of Avondel.' Finn doesn't understand the note that his great aunt gave him, but he doesn't have time to think about it. When soldiers come to his village looking for him, Finn has to escape and go on a dangerous journey. He soon learns that only he can defeat the evil warlord Gondar. But he'll need the help of the singing stones… 978-975-7103-92-9 The Sky Readers +2 CDs Sue Murray (Fantasy quest) Lewin's quiet life changes on the day he turns sixteen and finds out that he is a sky reader – he has the power to read the past, the present and the future. Lewin leaves home to learn the ways of old magic from his grandfather Laylan. When they start to see dark, troubling visions, the two sky readers realise they must make a journey to the city of Liana to help save their land from evil. The Sky Readers, like The Singing Stones, is a story from the Avondel Chronicles. 978-975-7103-93-6 WhatHappenedatSeacliffe+2CDs Denise Kirby (Mystery) Cully Robinson is in the English village of Seacliffe, trying to find where an ancestor is buried.She meets some distant – and very wealthy – relatives who live there today. When Cully investigates the family history, she learns of a crime hidden for two hundred years – a crime that changed the lives of everyone in the family. Her relatives don't want the truth to be known. But why? What did happen at Seacliffe all those years ago?978-975-7103-94-3 MurderWeekend +2 CDs Denise Kirby (Mystery) In an old country house, the celebrations for Adrian Bennett's fortieth birthday are going well. Everyone is enjoying themselves – the guests; the actors who are acting out a murder mystery to entertain them; and Milly, who is helping her mother cook all the food. But the weekend is ruined when a real crime takes place. The road to the house is closed because of bad weather, and the police can't get there. 978-975-7103-90-5 Road to Nowhere +2 CDs Pauline O'Carolan (Thriller) Walking near the beach near his family's farm one night, Nick Bennett sees a boat bringing something unusual to shore – people. He suspects that they are illegal immigrants. When he goes to investigate what's happening on a nearby farm, he realises he was right. Soon Nick finds himself involved with a brother and sister and their desperate attempt to escape from a ruthless people-smuggler.978-975-7103-91-2
  9. 9. B1 (Threshold) River of Dreams +2 CDs Philip Voysey (Social issues) When a terrible flood hits Bangladesh and destroys their village, Khushi and her brother are left all alone in the world. They go to the city to make a new life for themselves, but things get worse when another disaster separates sister from brother. Will they find each other? 978-975-7103-95-0 WhentheSeaCameIn+2CDs Mary Tomalin (Science fiction) In the future, the world is much hotter and life has completely changed. Sea levels have risen. There have been three 'Great Floods', when huge waves covered coastal cities and towns. In the small Australian town of Axel, life for Meena and her brother Mark is calm, but not completely safe. There is danger from bandits, and there is always the possibility of another Great Flood… 978-975-7103-96-7 Racing theTide +2 CDs Denise Kirby (Thriller) Ella is staying near the beach in Broome. The tides aren't the only things in Broome that Ella finds unusual – there's also the strange couple next door, and the story of a missing schoolgirl. When Ella finds a beautiful bracelet, she believes she knows what's been happening. She goes looking for answers, but what she finds is terrifying. 978-975-7103-35-6 Sorrow +2 CDs Philip Voysey (Social issues) Sorrow wants to change. He's come from a small village, he's going to stay with his uncle and he's starting at a new school – it's the start of a new life. But the people Sorrow meets and the things that happen to him in Chimuka change him in ways that he never imagined. He soon has to learn for himself what is right and what is wrong. 978-975-7103-34-9 WildWater +2 CDs Sue Murray (Adventure) 'Do you want an exciting adventure? Then come on the Black Bear whitewater rafting trip!' Four friends – Mouse, Scott, Dario and Ryan – decide to go on the trip down Black Bear River. At first it's a lot of fun. But when things start to go wrong, they find that whitewater rafting can also be deadly. ISBN: 978-975-7103-33-2
  10. 10. The Creature +2 CDs Alan Milson (Science fiction) Kin Zen is on the star ship Voyager, exploring the outer galaxy. When the Voyager arrives on a new planet, Kin is part of the team that goes looking for new forms of life. They capture a bizarre alien creature, but it soon becomes clear that the creature has powers beyond those of its human captors. 978-975-7103-32-5 Body on the Rocks +2 CDs Denise Kirby (Thriller) On a beautiful holiday island, Becky and her friends make an awful discovery – a dead body beneath a cliff. Did the man fall, or was it murder? Becky can't stop thinking about it. When she learns the dead man's name, she wonders if this death could be linked to a murder that happened many years ago. Becky is determined to find out. But as she gets closer to the answer, she finds she's getting into great danger herself. 978-975-7103-97-4 BrokenWings +2 CDs James Roy (Survival story) Angela and her brother Simon are about to fly to a gold mine in the Australian outback. She's a little surprised when she meets the pilot of the small plane they're taking. Something about him doesn't seem quite right. But Angela reminds herself that flying is safer than riding in a car. 978-975-7103-31-8 The Art Show +2 CDs Paula Smith (Social issues) Sophie loves painting and wants to become an artist, but her parents have other ideas. Her good friend Dorothy gives her some advice – 'Show them that you are good enough to go to art college.' She offers to help Sophie put on her own art show. While working to prepare for the show, Sophie discovers a sad secret about Dorothy's past and decides to try to help her friend. It's a life changing time for both of them. 978-975-7103-98-1
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