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What young researchers can do to promote open access

FOSTER presentation at Trieste, Italy, 7 July 2015. Empowering graduate students: science dissemination and science communication “in the open”

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What young researchers can do to promote open access

  1. 1. What young researchers can do to promote open access Nancy Pontika, PhD CORE Open University Email: nancy.pontika[at] Twitter: @nancypontika Universita Degli Studi Di Trieste, 7 July 2015
  2. 2. Open Access : Where are we now?
  3. 3. OA Growth
  4. 4. Growth of items in Open Access Repositories
  5. 5. Records stored across all OARs 164,259,752 records across 2,531 repositories as estimated by OpenDOAR [December, 2013 -]
  6. 6. SPARC Europe Open Access Diary
  7. 7. COnnecting REpositories - CORE Aggregate all open access content distributed across different systems worldwide, enrich this content and provide access to it through a set of services …
  8. 8. CORE Portal
  9. 9. Open Access projects you can both use and contribute
  10. 10. Open Access Tracking Project
  11. 11. Open Access Button
  12. 12. What can you do to promote open access?
  13. 13. Open Access Explained
  14. 14. Talk to your professors About our next publication… I am thinking of an Open Access journal …
  15. 15. Talk to your librarian I care a lot about Open Access. Can we have a chat about the current scholarly communications system?
  16. 16. Make your voice public
  17. 17. Involve your classmates • Plan a session on Open Access during lunch time • Create fliers with the benefits of open access • Push for an institutional repository • Push for an open access mandate
  18. 18. Celebrate Open Access Week
  19. 19. Get connected
  20. 20. OpenCon Conference Website :
  21. 21. Right to Research Coalition – R2RC
  22. 22. Grazie! Domande?