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  1. 1. THE ROADMAP to SUCCESS in IT Where Internship Meets Career eIntern is leading the way in providing valuable job-ready skills and much desired work experience to students while enrolled in school. Merging the touch and resilience of human intelligence with the power of machine intelligence, students will experience a learning environment that maximizes their ability to grasp complex, advanced technologies. Students will be trained on technolo- gies and tools to accomplish the tasks, overcome challenges, and truly test a student’s ability to develop enterprise-level IT pro- jects. In completing the eInternship, students will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance and support. In mastering the new technologies and tools, students will gain valuable work experience highly sought after in the industry and an online portfolio with their work to showcase their accomplishments. How To Start Once you hit enter after signing up you will then be prompted to take a logic based assessment. You are required to test into the program. When you go onto ein- you will see a Tab labeled “Sign- Up.” Click on the tab and fill in required The Dashboard will offer the opportunity to select an internship. After clicking the Start button a new page will open, showing all internships. A drop down menu is provided to segment into specific technology tracks. Based on evaluation of your test you will either be asked to continue on to the log in page and dashboard; however if you do not clear the exam you may have the option of retaking at a later date. A mentor is assigned to the intern immediately following enrollment in an intern- ship. The mentor assist in the learning process specific to your selected technology track. Depending on the time period from which you apply for the internship, you will be required to complete a certain amount of hours to deem eligible Upon completing the program you will be awarded a graphical portfolio. Students will be able to visually identify strengths and weaknesses, drilled down to individual technologies and tools. Your portfolio will replace the conventional resume and offer interested employers a more detailed look at what you can offer. In most cases students completing the program and meet minimum hiring criteria are asked to interview for the full-time positions here at eIntern. Value for You Graduate with a Career We provide Valuable Job ready Skills Offer Work Experience to future Interns Through a Managed, Monitored, and Mentored Internship Program You Develop Enterprise Level Projects that Mirror a professional Software Engineer Build a portfolio of projects, certifications, work history, AND a Career here at eIntern What We Do How Through What Way It Works VALUE