nilgün aykent zahour sm juror juror misconduct #jurormisconduct voir dire potential witnesses failure to disclose material information juror honesty 83 n.e.3d 247 2017-ohio-363 wiegand v. fabrizi trucking & paving co. trial court's discretion rebuttable presumption court's investigation presumption of prejudice discharge of a juror awareness of possible juror misconduct motion for mistrial staring audience member 2016 wl 7655159 no. 115cv00957dadsabhc wolfe v. peery buford inquiry "scumbag" spectator testimony juror's state of mind in camera inspection of juror juror bias 42 n.y.s.3d 507 144 a.d.3d 1618 people v. kuzdzal examine jurors under oath juror and court admonition juror and nondisclosure of material information juror and intentional nondisclosure 389 p.3d 76 241 ariz. 474 tafford v. burns court admonition violations of court's admonitions 503 s.w.3d 213 larsen v. union pac. r.r. co. credibility issues duty to answer questions truthfully unintentional nondisclosure by a juror juror's intentional nondisclosure law lawyer 2017) 2017 wl 362581 (fla. dist. ct. app. jan. 25 kogan v. israel materiality of the nondisclosure juror concealment evidentiary hearing juror questionnaire juror's nondisclosure of material information extrinsic evidence 2016 il app (1st) 152209 request to examine juror under oath larkin v. george independent investigation by jurors
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