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C1 Topic 10 The Planet Earth

  1. Geography, Climate & The Environment Nina Dearle My blog By Topic 10
  2. Vocabulary Work Vocabulary in Use (Upper Intermediate) 35 Countries, nationalities and languages 36 The weather 42 Global problems 49 The environment 51 The natural world Vocabulary in Use (Advanced) 33 Describing the world 34 Weather and climate 36 Trees, plants and metaphors 37 Animals and birds 38 Environment and conservatism
  4. World Geography Quizzes Earth and Universe Quiz Green Quizzes, but you will have to register.
  5. Is there a place you have visited … … which you found particularly memorable? What? Where? Why?
  6. What is climate change? What is globalisation? The Guardian’s view on globalisation. The effects of global warming. Climate change: the basics (video)
  7. Climate and the Environment Do you agree with the following statements. Say why / why not. Politicians are not doing enough to protect the environment. Multinational companies not doing enough to protect the environment. People are not doing enough to protect the environment.
  8. Weather Event Factors Present thunderstorm rain, clouds, lightning, thunder, wind tornado clouds, strong wind, rain, hail hurricane or cyclone strong wind, heavy rain blizzard heavy snow, ice, cold temperatures dust storm strong winds, arid conditions flood heavy rainfall hail storm cold or warm temperatures, rain, ice ice storm freezing rain Weather Investigation
  9. Globalisation reading Globalisation questions Globalisation crossword key Global warming reading Global warming questions Global warming key
  10. What are the main environmental concerns in your country? Climate change Conservation: ecosystems / fishing / forests / natural resources / species Energy Genetic engineering Nuclear issues Overpopulation Ozone depletion Pollution Waste
  11. How to be eco-friendly
  12. Questions to think about: 1) Global warming – the greenhouse effect. 2) Recycling & renewable energy. 3) Exploitation versus conservation. Grammar to brush up on: 1) Mixed conditionals 2) Prepositions Language functions to check out: 1) Expressing reasons & explanations 2) Drawing conclusions Films to watch: 1) Sizzle 2) An Inconvenient Truth Books to Read: 1) Moral Ground 2) The Pelican Brief