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NixonMcInnes Strategy Roundtable

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What trends are having the biggest impact on our companies?
What does this mean for our customer relationships?
How are relationships with our employees changing?
What do we need from employees in order to develop the customer relationships we want?
How are we building on our heritage to make our companies fit for a very different future?

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NixonMcInnes Strategy Roundtable

  1. 1. #NMroundtable #NMroundtable A Roundtable July 2014
  2. 2. #NMroundtable What is this? NixonMcInnes are a radical transformation consultancy. We host roundtables to convene groups of decision- makers from different organisations to discuss the challenges they share. This deck outlines some of the key themes from the last event, which convened a group of attendees from the Chief Strategy Officer Summit at which Jenni Lloyd had presented.
  3. 3. #NMroundtable Who came? •  Ian Conway (Equity Strategist, Mirabaud) •  Alexandra Foster (Global Head of Strategy & Business Development, BT) •  Derek Gannon (Chief Operating Officer, Comic Relief) •  Kerensa Jennings (Head of Strategic Delivery, BBC) •  Nick Mayhew (Business Strategy Partner, Price Bailey Accountants) •  Jason Perks (Director, Sustainability, DNVGL) •  Adam Richold (Group Marketing & Customer Service Director, Bristan Group) •  Michele Simonetti (Head of Strategy and Competitor Intelligence, Clarks) •  Rachel Stirzaker (Head of Corporate & Consumer Strategy, Cancer Research) •  Abhi Naha (CEO/Founder, Zone V Ltd) The event was hosted by NixonMcInnes consultants Jenni Lloyd, Anna Carlson and Caroline Yetman. With special thanks to graphic facilitator, Lance Bell, for the images produced on the day.
  4. 4. #NMroundtable What are the challenges of building an organisation fit for the future?
  5. 5. #NMroundtable “The challenge is making money and sticking to a true purpose at the same time”
  6. 6. #NMroundtable “The biggest challenge for all companies in the long term is trust. So many of the things that go wrong are down to trust and they damage the trust with stakeholders. And it’s very hard to build that.”
  7. 7. #NMroundtable Organisations need to be values-driven because they need to drive trust & loyalty. Sometimes this is seen as being in conflict with being a commercial business. However, some organisations are starting to recognise that their health can be determined by how well they are living the values. And this is starting to be used as a key measure in the most forward-thinking organisations. Conclusion
  8. 8. #NMroundtable How can we embed our values into the DNA of an organisation?
  9. 9. #NMroundtable “NPR (public service radio in America) have an initiative called Serendipity Days, where on an agreed day you get to do anything you like. They also embedded a kind of competition for the biggest failure - to reward those who have been bold enough to embrace failure and tried something new. Some of these teams are coming up with amazing things which are actually challenging the status quo and creating a new side of business by introducing new, bold ideas.” - Kerensa Jennings, Head of Strategic Delivery, BBC
  10. 10. #NMroundtable Everyone in an organisation should: a)  know their corporate values, b)  understand them c)  live them every day Initiatives like ‘Serendipity Days’ and awards for embracing failure can embed the behaviours you want to see. Conclusion
  11. 11. #NMroundtable What’s the impact of Gen Y on organisations and workplaces?
  12. 12. #NMroundtable “I don’t know where we will be in 5 years, but we need to focus on the 17 year olds. They don’t care about technology. Their life IS digital.” - Derek Gannon, Chief Operating Officer, Comic Relief
  13. 13. #NMroundtable “It’s a norm for the new generation to collaborate. Over 35’s would once call people-helping-you-do- your-homework, ‘cheating’.” - Derek Gannon, Chief Operating Officer, Comic Relief
  14. 14. #NMroundtable We need to focus on Gen Y now so that we can attract new talent and customers. To do this, we need to be encouraging new, highly collaborative ways of working rather than preventing them. There are challenges because life expectancy is growing and there will be a crossover between the current and the new digital generation, so everyone will have to adapt. Conclusion
  15. 15. #NMroundtable How can we empower people within the organisation to create new organisations that are fit for the future?
  16. 16. #NMroundtable “‘Empowerment’ implies that someone is going to have to let go of power. How will leaders deal with that?” - Jenni Lloyd, NixonMcInnes
  17. 17. #NMroundtable Good leaders are already encouraging the shift in power from top down to bottom up, and this involves a change of mindset. The BBC are doing an interesting experiment in relation to this, called ‘digital guerillas’. This experiment involved recruiting young people based on their values and attitude, rather than their qualifications, to work together offsite in a warehouse. Here, the BBC will set them everyday challenges and learn from how they work together to solve the problem. Conclusion
  18. 18. #NMroundtable Great companies are communities of purpose At NixonMcInnes, we believe
  19. 19. #NMroundtable Our purpose is to create meaning in business
  20. 20. #NMroundtable Book your tickets now! The annual gathering for people who believe business can and must be better in the 21st century Our annual conference
  21. 21. #NMroundtable We work with complex organisations
  22. 22. #NMroundtable For us, everything starts with a conversation – so please get in touch, tell us a bit about yourself and let’s work out how we can help. 01273 764030 / @NixonMcInnes How can we help you?