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Saas aroundio-iimb

SaaS for startups

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Saas aroundio-iimb

  1. 1. SaaS for Startups Natwar Maheshwari Founder – @natwar86
  2. 2. Intro • Education, worked before • Entrepreneur (1 failed startup before this) • Saved up for 2 years before quitting job • Bootstrapped and cash flow focused (baniya)• Bootstrapped and cash flow focused (baniya) • Social media marketing automation product • Niche, SMB’s and more • Highly competitive market
  3. 3. Product Intro • Does one thing very well which people pay for • Everything else is an add-on • Behaviour focused • Used by more than 600 small business in 50+• Used by more than 600 small business in 50+ countries
  4. 4. How • Was working with online sellers for something else • Saw how they do repetitive things (opportunity)(opportunity) • Created an MVP, put a PayPal button • That’s it
  5. 5. Team • Small, incremental & focused • Customer support/community • What not to do – Hire for wrong reasons– Hire for wrong reasons – Keep people for wrong reasons
  6. 6. Why SAAS? • No better business model • Keeps you on your toes • Sheer fun
  7. 7. Why SAAS from India? • Low cost • Experiment quickly • Low touch, self serve • Even high touch, sales model works• Even high touch, sales model works • Gotta have a product that’s right
  8. 8. Sales and Marketing • Know who you are (or want to be) – Sales focused org – Marketing focused org • Community • SEO • Social Media • WOM
  9. 9. Support • One of the most important things in early stages – At times you fail miserably at this • No one but founder needs to be in charge• No one but founder needs to be in charge • Support learning's should come into product design
  10. 10. Pitfalls • Charge early, charge more • Marketing, being part of the product • Nothing that you read will give you same results, because every customer segment isresults, because every customer segment is different • Context of your solution for your customers matters (a lot)
  11. 11. Lesson’s Learned • Talk to your customers, talk often • Ask why, and other uncomfortable questions • Don’t talk, listen • Don’t be a cost differentiator• Don’t be a cost differentiator • Be ready to say NO • Build a community
  12. 12. Questions? Stay in touch @natwar86