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  1. Quiiizzzz!!! STRICTLY NO ERASURES
  2. 1. Use as to transmit data. a.Data b.Electromagnetic signals c.Network d.Technology
  3. 2-3) give two types of transmission media
  4. 4. It is the act of propagating the signal along a suitable medium a. Data b.Signal c. Signaling d. Transmission
  5. 5. An impairment which means signal changes its form and shape. a.Noise b.Antuation c.Distortion d.None of the above
  6. 6. It is a process of sending digital and analog data over a communication medium. a.Data transmission b. Signaling c. Communication d. Networking
  7. 7. More than two devices share the same medium. • a. Direct link •b. Multipoint •c. Point to point •d.Simplex
  8. 8. In transmission termenology, both stations transmit one at a time • a. Point to point • b. Simplex • c. Multipoint • d. Half Duplex
  9. 9. An entities that conveys meaning. a.Signal b.Information c.Data d.Network
  10. 10. The _____________ is caused by the strength of signal that degrades with distance over a transmission link. •Signal barrier •Transmission impairment •Noise •Detortion
  11. 11-13.) give the three transmission impairments 14.-15.) what are the two functions of signal. 16.-18) enumerate the three context of data communication. 18-20) give two examples of guided media.