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CCXG Forum, March 2023, Luca Lo Re

  1. The Mitigation Work Programme: What does a focused exchange of views mean? ___________________ Luca Lo Re (CCXG/IEA) Global Forum on the Environment and Climate Change | 21.03.2023 Based on “Making the MWP fit for purpose: options for forms, focus and information that would lead to successful implementation” J. Ellis, L. Lo Re, S. Errendal (2023, draft)
  2. Outline • Context • Key questions • Possible criteria for yearly topics selection • Focus, format and participation • Conclusions
  3. Context of Mitigation Work Programme (MWP) • “Focused exchange of views, information and ideas” between Party and NPS. • Yearly topics to be agreed by co-chairs considering Party and NPS submissions. • Aim, Scope, Focus, Format, Participation: • Not defined in the COP27 MWP decision. • Different design options possible, with different implications COP26 - Glasgow Climate Pact: “…establish a work programme to urgently scale up mitigation ambition and implementation in this critical decade…” Modalities • Global dialogues • Other dialogues • Investment-focused events • Reports on dialogues • Annual report • Draft decision recommendations • Annual report presentation Outputs Outcomes “urgently scale up mitigation ambition and implementation” COP27 – Further MWP details (2023-2026): Global dialogues
  4. Key selected questions on the design of the global dialogues If global dialogues focus on sector / subsector “X” Would the investment-focused events also focus on [overcoming barriers to financing in] the sector / subsector “X”? Link between global dialogues and investment-focused events organised under the MWP? Topic A Topic B Topic C Topic D Topic X Sub topic X.1 Sub topic X.2 Sub topic X.3 Series of one-off events or building on one another? Map out existing initiatives with similar aims, e.g.: Connect with existing initiatives with similar aims?
  5. Possible criteria to guide the selection of the yearly topics High mitigation potential to reduce emissions rapidly for specific sector/subsector Availability of best practices and proven success of measures and policies Reduction of risk of carbon lock-in and stranded assets High potential for a rapid scale-up and/or replication High potential for sustainable development co-benefits impact
  6. Options for the focus of the global dialogues • Build trust among Parties and NPS • Focus on largest mitigation opportunities first • Broad and non-focused assessments • Not produce practical outcomes • Perceived as inclusive • Facilitate exchange of views • Not “focused’’ • Lack of actionable outcomes • Difficult to identify appropriate stakeholders. • Facilitate “focused exchange of views” • Focus on practical solutions. • Challenging to be inclusive • Facilitate “focused exchange of views” • Challenging to be inclusive Broad Narrow Opportunities Risks Options
  7. Options for the format of the global dialogues Advantages Risks Parallel small groups discussions • Facilitate a focused exchange of views • Enable active participation / interaction • Report back to plenary might not be focused. Written questions in advance of the event • Could help identify the most important issues. • Might need significant resources. • Increase participants’ knowledge basis • Set scene for small group- discussions • Limited interaction among participants. Plenary Presentations
  8. Conclusions • Wide range of design options for the global dialogues under the MWP, including on their aim, focus, scope and format. • Focusing on specific sub-sectors might help facilitate a “focused exchange of views” at the global dialogues, but trade-offs needed. • The format of the global dialogues can also influence the extent of information exchange and the level of participation. • The timing of the global dialogues will also be key.
  9. THANK YOU! Climate Change Expert Group