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Application Grid: Platform for Virtualization and Consolidation of your Java Applications

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As presented by Sam Shah at Oracle Technology Network Architect Day, Dallas TX, May 13, 2010.

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Application Grid: Platform for Virtualization and Consolidation of your Java Applications

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Application Grid - Platform for Virtualization and Consolidation of your Java Applications Sam Shah Director, SOA & Integration, ESG
  2. 2. Market Trends • Consolidation of Systems • Standardization of Processes • Move to Shared Service Centers • Focus on Security • Corporate Compliance • Informational Systems vs. Transactional Systems • Business Intelligence • Do More With Less…
  3. 3. Customer Centric Companies Have a Problem “Eight out of 10 dollars spent on IT is dead money” – on maintenance and maintaining the status quo Gartner
  4. 4. What does Shared Services mean to a business? Business Goals Technology Goals • A foundation for future • Reduced complexity growth • Leverage scale • M&A • Time to Market • Increased productivity • Products & Services Growth • Improved operational • Cost Savings effectiveness • Reduce IT Spend by X% • Improve Customer SLAs • Business Agility
  5. 5. Types of Consolidation • Each type of consolidation provides increasing levels of return • Hardware/System Services • Software/Databases • Business Processes • Shared Services/Process Administration Consolidate as Much as Possible! How?
  6. 6. IT Infrastructure Application Screen Scrape Application Single UI platform Message Queue Download File Application Screen To This Application Scrape Sockets Screen Transaction Transaction Scrape File File Core Industry Core ERP App(s) Sockets Application Download CICS Gateway RPC File ORB APPC Application Message ORB Single Enterprise Wide Application Message Application Transaction Middleware & Infrastructure Queue Application File Message Queue CICS Gateway Transaction Screen File Scrape APPC Single Enterprise DB Application Message Download File RPC From This
  7. 7. Significant Savings Potential $1 Billion 5 year savings A Large Telco $400 Million 3 year savings A Large Airline Productivity 20% Improvement A Large UK Bank Maintenance 30% Cost Reduction How are companies achieving these results? How can I achieve similar results?
  8. 8. The Oracle Transformation Consolidation Levels Organization Data Center Network Collaboration Processes Applications Self Service Shared Services 8 Copyright ©2009, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Confidential
  9. 9. The Oracle Transformation Then and Now 1999 2003 & Evolving • 40 Data Centers & Servers • 1 Data Center • 70 Production Instances • 1 Global Single Instance (ERP) • 100’s Environments • 6 Test Instances • Variety of platforms • Single Technology Stack • Proliferation of Applications • Oracle eBusiness Suite • Inconsistent Processes & Setup • Global Processes & Setup • Multiple Support Groups • Global Support Groups • Local Decision Making • Centralized Decision Making • Fragmented Data • Global Information System
  10. 10. The Transformation Payoff The Ability to Drive Profitable, Sustainable Growth (45% in 2009) Operating Margin % (14.4% in 1993) Note: Figures based on non-GAAP results. GAAP to non-GAAP reconciliations are available on the Oracle Investor Relations website at 10
  11. 11. Oracle IT as a % of Total Revenue Copyright ©2009, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Confidential
  12. 12. Oracle Application Grid & Virtualization
  13. 13. Oracle Application Grid Evolution ... . .    Shared Application Infrastructure: Servers + Grid+ Provisioning + Monitoring Server + storage Servers with data grid + storage storage Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Availability Performance Increase Operational Efficiency Scalability Predictability Reduce Cost
  14. 14. Oracle Coherence as Data Broker Ever Expanding Universe of Users Oracle Coherence Web Servers brokers Data 101100010110010111011001011001011100011101111110001110 Supply with Application 10110001011001011101100101100101110001110 Servers Data Demand Data Demand Scale out Data Grid in middle tier using Java Objects commodity hardware Data Supply Data Sources
  15. 15. Oracle Application Grid Custom Packaged SOA C /C++ / Appliance Legacy App App Service Cobol Application Grid WebLogic Server Tuxedo Enterprise Coherence Manager JRockit / Hotspot Virtual Physical Efficiency Competitiveness Simplification Lowest operational Outperform with speed and Best foundation for costs flexibility entire software stack 15
  16. 16. Oracle WebLogic Suite Strategic Platform Across Oracle Product Lines Fusion Fusion Applications Applications Building on Fusion Middleware 11g Applications Portfolio Applications Certified/Building with WebLogic Fusion Middleware 11g Java SOA Suite WebCente Content Identity Business EE/ISV r Suite Managemen Managemen Intelligence Fusion Middleware 11g Apps t Suite t Suite Suite Certified and Differentiate on WebLogic Suite WebLogic Suite11g WebLogic Suite 11g Grid Foundation 16
  17. 17. Architecture for Growth End User Applications/Web Brand Brand Brand Brand Brand A B C D E
  18. 18. Oracle Virtualization Strategy • Only vendor to provide an integrated solution Enterprise Oracle Manager • Virtualization and enterprise Virtualization workloads managed together Software Enterprise E-Business Suite, • End-to-end management as a Service PeopleSoft, Siebel, Applications JD E, Oracle Fusion Offerings & • Enterprise Manager integration Infrastructure WebLogic Server, SOA across virtualized portfolio Middleware Suite, WebCenter, Platform Coherence • Optimized full stack as a Service Oracle Database, Database performance Products Oracle TimesTen • Optimizing application, middleware, Operating Enterprise Linux and database virtualization Infrastructure System Solaris as a Service Products Virtualization Oracle VM 18
  19. 19. Product Motivation High Performance, More Dense and Efficient Virtualized Java Customer Challenge Oracle’s Solution Product Deployment Application-aware complexity virtualization Virtual Assembly Builder Uncontrolled Virtual appliances & configuration assemblies Simplified and Operational efficient Java EE complexity virtualization WebLogic Server with JRockit Virtual High performance Edition Poor virtualization and high density performance Java virtualization 19
  20. 20. Oracle JRockit Virtual Edition Optimized Java Infrastructure • Runs natively on hypervisor Traditional Virtualized Java Optimized Java • More efficient use of hardware Execution Stack resources WebLogic Server with WebLogic Server JRockit Virtual Edition • Higher density • Better performance Java Virtual Machine • Reduced operational cost Guest OperatingEdition JRockit Virtual System • Simpler patching • Improved security Oracle VM Hypervisor • Custom Java appliances • Building blocks for larger Bare Metal Hardware assemblies • Simple deployment 20
  21. 21. JRockit Virtual Edition How does it work? JRockit –VE OS Layer TCP/IP File System Scheduler H/W WebLogic Server with JRockit Virtual Edition WebLogic Server • TCP/IP: Network communication JRockit –VE f • Scheduler: Runs Java threads. Single process Oracle VM • File System: Local [virtual] disk • HW: Hardware device interaction. Network Bare Metal Hardware card, virtual screen, etc. 21
  22. 22. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder • Application-aware Assembly of Appliances virtualization Web Web Web Cache • Package software components into collections of software appliances • Standardized building blocks SOA WLS WLS • Create multi-tier application Svc assemblies using virtualized appliances • Simplified and rapid RAC RAC provisioning • Single step, template-based deployment of multi-tier applications to virtualized environments 22
  23. 23. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Tool Assemblies, Properties Appliances Inspector Catalog Deployment Assembly Resource Editor Pools 23
  24. 24. Key Takeaway Messages • Simplified and operationally efficient Application Grid platform can significantly reduce cost of operations • New virtualization products offer higher performance, higher density for Java virtualization 24