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Connecting The Dots: Which pharma companies are succeeding in the social media space?

  1. CONNECTING  THE  DOTS:   Which pharma companies are succeeding in the social media space? APRIL  2015    |    #OgilvyPharmaSocial  
  2. 2   The Social Media Audit: why we did it The  pharmaceuEcal  industry  is  becoming   increasingly  reliant  on  social  media  as  a  key   plaLorm  for  communicaEng  with  mulEple   stakeholders.  As  big  believers  in  the  power  of     social  to  transform  brands,  campaigns  and     corporate  reputaEon,  we  wanted  to  iden0fy     the  current  big  players,  and  what  we  can     learn  from  their  efforts.  
  3. What we did   3  
  4. 4   How we analysed the data We  evaluated  how  each  company  was  performing  across  six  key  categories:   Social presence How  many  social  networks   was  the  company  on?   Activity Was  the  content  kept  fresh  with  regular  updates?   Engagement Were  the  companies     engaging  their  users  and     generaEng  interest?     1 Social network How  simple  and  intuiEve  was  the   connecEon  between  social  networks?     Virality Was  the  content  spread  around   the  social  sphere?     Community Size How  big  was  the  community?   2 3 4 5 6
  5. Some key findings   5  
  6. 6   Three distinct groups emerged The  group  of  companies   ahead  of  the  pack  and   ‘connec0ng  the  dots’   have  successfully   integrated  social  media   into  their  wider   markeEng  strategy.   Their  content  is  relevant   and  meaningful  and     effecEvely  engages  their   audiences.   Those  ‘dabbling  with   the  dots’  have  a   substanEal  social  media   presence  but  may  not   be  maintaining  a   constant  level  of     acEvity  or  aYracEng   loyal  followers.     A  small  subgroup  are   ‘searching  for  strategy’:   they  know  they  want  to   be  involved  in  social,     but  have  not  had  the   strategy  to  stand  against   the  compeEEon.    
  7. 7   Pharma is becoming more social
  8. 8   So why should pharma use social media? “We want to show that we’re listening and responding to the expectations of society. And that’s probably why social media is so very helpful…We have the opportunity to reach our audiences directly… to have a dialogue” Janet  Morgan,  Director  of  Corporate   ReporEng  and  Content,  GSK   “The conversation is there. People are talking about you, whether you’re active or not. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage in that conversation, to give your position and your statement, and maybe then hopefully change the opinion of one person or two” Patricia  Alves,  Social  Media  and  Community   Manager,  Boehringer  Ingelheim   “Social media has changed the way pharma communicates – it allows companies to build corporate reputation and engage in genuine, meaningful conversations with audiences. For pharma companies who want to stand out from the crowd it’s time to be brave, get personal, educate and integrate social media into their wider marketing strategy.” Rebecca  Canvin,  Social  Media  Manager,     Ogilvy  Healthworld  
  9. 9   How can pharma better connect the dots? Six  key  takeaways  which  we  believe  can  help  companies  stand  out  from  the   social  media  crowd.     Be Brave   It’s  not  going  to   be  an  easy  ride   but  the  ROI  can     make  it  worth  the   effort   Get personal     Don’t  just  fire  out   messages,  interact   with  your   followers   Move fast (but  wear  a     life  jacket)     Make  sure  you   deal  with  issues  in   a  Emely  manner   before  things   escalate   Back yourself up     Get  your  medical,   regulatory  and   legal  teams  as   excited  about   social  as  you  are   Give guidance     Plan  for  different   and  ready  to  deal   with  tough   quesEons   Inform and educate   Make  an  effort  to   produce   interesEng   content  that  sets   you  apart  from   your  compeEtors  
  10. 10   Want to find out more? Antonia Betts Managing  Director   Ogilvy  HealthPR   Chelsey Toms Digital  Account   ExecuEve   Rick Evans Digital   Strategist   Rebecca Canvin Social  Media   Manager   Andrea Visone Digital  Project   Manager   For  the  full  report  or  for  more  informaEon  contact: