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  1. 1. CONTACT Baghdad E-mail: Phone: +964 7728573106 PROFILE With 12 years experience (7 in UAE & 5 Iraq), delivering exceptional records of diverse responsibilities, high performances technical solutions to meet challenging atmospheres demands and its successful to way out, extensive qualifications in facets of information systems methodology, creative, critical thinker, problem solver, team player, keen, Strategic thinker & energetic. High-performing management executive with expertise in varies optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems to maximize business results in levels and service operations worldwide, including commercials, and retail/service industries. Strategist who transforms strategic plans into workable solutions and benchmarks performance against key organizational targets/goals. Performance targets and yield measurable outcomes: ·Reduced tactical-planning cycle time ·Reduced product-development time ·Cost reductions through improved process performance ·Productivity gains ·Revenue growth WORK EXPERIENCE Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Aug, 2006 — Sept, 2007 Chief Assistant/ Governances & Economic Departments- Operations & Research ØManage a team of 12 employee’s distributions and assignments, performed on spot related surroundings and subject consolation. ØDesigning, Interpreted seminars back ways from English to Arabic and vice versa between PRT and Iraqi officials as senior linguistic. ØDeliver a quantitative and qualitative survey which involves interviews and focus group assessments executing output information policy. ØConduct training and operational performances enhanced teamwork environments. ØSupport and help team in coordinating high profile seminars (government officials and counterparts). ØCreate and enhance employees’ performances assessments resulting quality assurance cycle enhancements. ØInspect several surveys designed by co-team associates, determine potential defaults and guided to better initiation. ØDeveloped a Root Cause Analysis report using MS Office. Amro Senan Hasan Amro Senan Hasan 1
  2. 2. Royal Transportation Management Systems L.L.C (RTMS) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates May, 2009 — May, 2011 Royal Transportation Management Systems L.L.C (RTMS) Abu Dhabi May, 2011 — Nov, 2014 Chief Operation Officer (COO) ØOversee 70 employees (as start) and AED 5 million budget in driving process improvements throughout the operation, as well as improving operating performance of application processing, policy issuance, billing, commissions, and customer service. ØCreate and audited SOP’s each department heads along with its structural management diagrams. ØEnhance employee operations and HR performances through orientations and discipline behavior, created evaluation systems for best employee’s schedule (monthly, semi-annul, yearly, 3 years and 5 years periods). ØConduct training for best potential nominees in part of internal system promotions. ØConstructed compensation and benefit process includes but limited to annual salary and performance reviews. ØOrchestrate more than 6 project teams in improving business processes and ensuring optimum performance. ØPlan, originate and produce smart system simulation resultant accuracy of process information for departments control records (HR, OPS, Marketing and Logistics). ØManage project resources, progress, completion timeframes, and budget while exceeding key operational performance targets, with results that include: ·100% process application reductions. ·100% policy increase insurance productivity. ·62% reduction in policy errors. ·80% reduction in billings ØSuccessfully aligned business planning and financial processes with performance improvement and business risk-management activities. General Manager ØManaged a team 5 head departments a total of 250 employees by last year. ØAnalyze gathered requirements data, verify requirements and create business requirement specifications (BRS), establish and executed: KPI’s and its milestones throughout: Long, Mid & Short term plans, department’s plans, setting department heads procedures and life cycle. ØProduce over 350 misalliance process maps, process charts, and simulated pivot report applying six sigma methodology associated, direct strategically customer supporting campaign management and marketing operations. ØAudit on quarterly bases contract types to best preserve rights and benefits, achieved a balance profit of over 2.5M throughout long strategic term plan, and increased income, expanded market share to the peak of over 8M UAE Dirhams. ØSurpassed all balance scorecard goals set to meet 5 years long term, on which exceeded scorecard strategic goals Amro Senan Hasan 2
  3. 3. TetraTech DPK (IA2J & Taqadum Projects/USAID) May, 2015 — Sept, 2015 ØReduce time cycle life by an average of approximate 34% throughout 4 years. ØImproved budget accuracy forecast and lead support service level by 20%. ØCarry out customer service satisfaction 5% annually through supply chain management initiatives, inventory control, and flexible manufacturing practices. ØComplete and conduct final dashboard design which provided strong and detailed description processes of each department and scale of achievements and measures to meet short, mid and long terms goals. Øperform with technical Lead to convey customer needs, process strong modeling testing complex projects diagrams to maintain quality standard using TQM, Developed a Root Cause Analysis report using MS Office. ØSuccessfully initiate marketing plan cohesion with quality control, solutions, interact with customer brand teams and respective agencies to create business objectives. ØStudy and marketing strategies and execute streamlined marketing operations solutions throughout agencies along with operational vendors. ØInteract with various stakeholders providing support and recommendations on diverse business approached with the best approachable established priorities and manage internal database performance of delivery resources. Inventory Regional Audit Officer ØAudit A2J & Taqadum inventory wall-to-wall, diagnosed over a total of 1600 defaults on wall-to-wall only despite audit report. ØRegional Audit Officer. ØIncreased accuracy (A2J project) Inventory/ Logistics/ Purchases to over 85% from 31% errors, which includes but not limited to: ·Fulfill over 700 empty cells. ·Estimate current values for over 250 items. ·Label 62 items. ·Estimate purchase dates from over 300 items. ·Track over 100 vendors and receipts ·Calculate current values, Acquisitions dates for over 900 items. ØIncreased accuracy (Taqadum project) Inventory/ Logistics/ Purchases to over 91% from 27% errors, which includes but not limited to: ·Fulfill over 1400 empty cells. ·Estimate current values for over 500 items. ·Track 200 missing items. ·Label 350 items. ·Estimate purchase dates from over 400 items. ·Track over 300 vendors and receipts Amro Senan Hasan 3
  4. 4. ·Calculate current values, Acquisitions dates for over 1900 items ØProcess Inventory reports including but limited to (time item cycle, current value & others, Created simulated inventory processing S.M.A.R.T. ØPhysical overlooked for over 500 items in Baghdad, 600 in Basra & Hilla and 102 in Erbil, Reporting and tracking missing items. ØPrepared and initiated commodities receipt forms, Participated in dispositions close-out plan for all subordinates/branches (Basra & Erbil). QUALIFICATIONS ·Operational process analysis ·Strategic planning and leadership ·Organizational design and development ·Productivity and efficiency improvement ·Project planning/execution ·Customer satisfaction ·Process redesign ·Change management ·Performance management ·Cross-Functional team leadership ·Revenue goal/growth attainment ·Six sigma methodologies ·Negotiation, persuasion, and communication ·Training and leadership development ·Problem solving ·Decision making ·Operating infrastructure ·Research and development. ·Strategic Market planning. ·Market segmentations. EDUCATION Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems July, 2016 — Aug, 2017 Information Systems Aug, 2016 — Sep, 2017 Alison/Global Text Project / GDP: 95% Business Intelligence is a set of theories and methodologies that handle large amounts of data and information and assists managers with decision-making. Knowledge management is the process of capturing, storing, retrieving and distributing the knowledge of the individuals in a business for use by others in the business to improve the quality and/or efficiency of decision making across the firm. This course in Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Systems enables the learner to study information tools used to assist decision-makers and describe the process known as decision-making including the three steps involved. The course will be of interest to business professionals who would like to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the benefits of business intelligence and knowledge management systems. Alison/Global Text Project / GDP: 100% An Information System is a man-made system that facilitates an organization’s operational functions and supports management decision making by providing information that managers can use to plan and control the activities of the firm. This course in Information Systems enables the learner to explore the system’s components, explain elements in the study of Information Systems, identify what a business process is and explain the features of quality information. The course will be of interest to business Amro Senan Hasan 4
  5. 5. Inventory Management - Using Inventory Models Sep, 2016 — Nov, 2016 Fundamentals of Operations Management Assessment Nov, 2016 — Jan, 2017 Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Oct, 1998 — Sept, 2003 professionals who would like to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of Information Systems. Alison/National Programm on Technology Enhanced Learning NPTL / GDP: 96%. The course of Inventory Management - Using Inventory Models is the fourth in the Applied Operations Management series of courses. Inventory models help businesses answer the questions: How much material to order? When to order the material? They help firms determine the order quantity that minimizes the total inventory holding costs and ordering costs, as well as the frequency of ordering, to keep goods or services flowing to the customer without interruption or delay. The course begins by introducing the basics of inventory management and introduces concepts such as deterministic demand and probabilistic demand, type of costs such as cost of item, order cost, and holding or carrying cost. Several models are available to help determine how much inventory should be brought in to restock the products or parts, and you will be introduced to inventory models such as the single period inventory model, the multi-period inventory model and the economic order quantity (EOQ) model. These models are explained in detail using worked examples. This free course will be of great interest to professionals working in the area of inventory management, procurement and operations management and who would like to learn more about using inventory models. The course will also be of interest to learners who are interested in a career in procurement or operations management. Alison/XSIQ / GDP: 96% Using an interactive presentation style, the lessons go through the role of operations management in both manufacturing and service organisations. It also covers strategies used, such as capacity planning, facilities location planning, aggregate planning and scheduling, as well as inventory management techniques and quality management. Al Momaon University private college GDP: 59% INTERESTS Strategically & Tactical Management fields, Business consultation. REFERENCES References available upon request. Please feel free to contact me at: Email: Phone: +964 7728573106 Regards Amro Senan Hasan 5