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Short course serious_games_almere_2013_v3

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La Salle Almere (The Netherlands) offers a unique project-based short course on Serious Games & Gamification at a very particular place: Barcelona's Media Dome (4th to 8th, February 2013)

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Short course serious_games_almere_2013_v3

  1. 1. - (+31)367 67 0550 -
  2. 2. Fantasy Story Entered Sector… The Media Dome Methodology
  3. 3. Research and Concept, Scripting, Audience analysis and User Experience (Usability), Game Design and Creativity, necessary Tecnologies, Content, plus Management Students & advisors “make things happen” We are project-based  students learn soft skills Students are exposed to Agile Management Techniques They implement research trends related to Serious Games and GamificationYour Score is: 3
  4. 4. • Providing content for the gadgets that a company already owns… • Imaginative and creative solutions for existing platforms • People are no longer isolated  groups with advisors and real clients to work with • All profiles involved (as in real industries)  producer, developer, designer, artist, UX specialist… • The project covers a real need • Students “well-shaped” for the industry + real immersion within “a purely real experience” with an incredible learning curb • Our projects are not only concepts but productsYour Score is: 4
  5. 5. Challenge Discovery Entered Sector… About the Director
  6. 6. About the director Oscar García Pañella @kokopus_darkYour Score is: 6
  7. 7. Oscar’s Best FriendsFrom an absolutelyRigorous,Scientific& Academic Perspective
  8. 8. Sensation Immersion Entered Sector… What we do at the Media Dome
  9. 9. Our students learn by discoveryYour Score is: 9
  10. 10. Our students play and developengagement patterns for any discipline
  11. 11. And our students create real concepts and products for realYour Score is: 11 companies
  12. 12.  Habitals teaches youngsters smoking prevention Inside Habitals you can select from a “good” or “bad” avatar and compete against them It is implemented within Facebook and you can experience it! It was developed for the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital: It won the university prize at the international Cure4Kids Global eHealth Challenge organized by Saint Jude Hospital (2011-2012):
  13. 13. Your Score is: 13
  14. 14.  Rehabtimals allows patients to recover from knee surgery by doing physical therapy via games  The recovery experience evolves and becomes memorable and enjoyable  Mini games (exercises) for the patient  A back office tool for health care professionals  The back office tool receives data directly from graphs, video streaming, skeleton animation, etc.  Information is directly transmitted to the medical office  It was developed by our students for a real company:  A video can be found here: Score is: 14
  15. 15. Your Score is: 15
  16. 16. Your Score is: 16
  17. 17. Your Score is: 17
  18. 18. Your Score is: 18
  19. 19.  Teaches children healthy eating habits  Children can interact with a character via keyboard or a fancy and inexpensive glove which emits infrared light  The glove allows kids to interact with a Wiimote that acts as a camera which receives light and interprets the hand movements/gestures  Glooveth is based on the Crayon 3D platform that can be found here:  Glooveth won the silver prize at the international Cure4Kids Gobal eHealth Challenge organized by Saint Jude Hospital (2009-2010):  A video can be found here: Score is: 20
  20. 20. Your Score is: 21
  21. 21. Your Score is: 22
  22. 22. Social Expression Entered Sector… New Creation Pipelines for New Customers
  23. 23. Your Score is: 25
  24. 24. Your Score is: 26
  25. 25. Research shows that gamers take risks, are attentive to details, continuously problem solve, are adaptable, and acquire new experiences in a limited amount of time.Your Score is: 27
  26. 26. Players like interesting choices that allow them to control situationsYour Score is: 28
  27. 27. Story Game Technology Mechanics AestheticsYour Score is: 29
  28. 28. We HumanBeings … Shouldn’t we motivate them with……love… PointsGood stories GuildsFeeding the senses New ContentDeep fantasies BadgesThe suspension of Storydisbelief Leader Boards Technology “LearningTo be challenged Avatars Aesthetics ByCommunities and Levels & Maps Discovery”friends Mechanics CharactersThe discovery of newpleasures CooperationTo freely express Healthy Competitionourselves …
  29. 29. Badges & Rewards are important……but we also take into account…
  31. 31. Entered Sector…Come and “play” with us!
  32. 32. - (+31)367 67 0550 -
  33. 33. Nintendo Gamification for Education Gaming is Good for You La Salle Our partners at the Media Dome …and to all of our prior students and professors!TOTAL Score is: 35