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Order from Chaos by Daniel Gagnon

  1. PM4THEWORLD Order from Chaos Daniel Gagnon
  2. - Intro - The Stacey Matrix - Cynefin - Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety - Conclusion / Recap - Q & A Order from Chaos Adaptive Ways of Working
  3. - Our approach to challenges and problem-solving needs to be context-driven - This is true whether we’re talking about projects or disaster relief - We will examine three helpful mental models/frameworks that can guide our actions in all cases Intro
  4. - First proposed in his 1992 book - Tool to help managers better understand the nature of challenges faced The Stacey Matrix HOW WHAT
  5. - In chaotic contexts, advocates immediate action: - Clarify the WHAT - Find a HOW - To escape Chaos - In the case of a natural disaster, the Stacey Matrix would suggest taking immediate action and learning from mistakes. The Stacey Matrix HOW WHAT
  6. - David Snowden first introduced in 1999 - Regularly updated since then - Sense-making model for understanding the complexity of different situations and identifying appropriate courses of action Cynefin
  7. - In chaotic contexts, advocates an act- sense-respond stance - In the case of a natural disaster, Cynefin would suggest taking rapid action, experimenting, and learning from experience: - relief and rescue efforts should be implemented quickly, focusing on experimentation and adaptation. Cynefin
  8. - Ross Ashby first introduced in his 1956 book - "The variety in the control system must be equal to or greater than the variety of the perturbations in order to achieve control.“ - "You need variety to fight variety!" - "Meet complexity with complexity." - "Don't bring a knife to a complexity fight." Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety
  9. - This means relief and rescue efforts should involve a wide range of expertise, including engineers, first responders, and medical professionals. - For example, if language barriers hinder relief efforts, organizations should bring in translators or other language experts to help communicate with the affected population. Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety
  10. Conclusion / Recap Framework Emphasis in chaotic situations Stacey Matrix Take immediate action, learn from mistakes Cynefin Take rapid action, experiment and learn Ashby’s Law Ensure requisite variety to cope with complexity
  11. Sources Ashby, W. Ross. An Introduction to Cybernetics. Martino Fine Books, 2015. Chris Corrigan. “A Tour around the Latest Cynefin Iteration,” March 23, 2020. “Edge.Org.” Accessed March 26, 2023. Joseph W Norman. “Requisite Variety and Varietal Fit in Cognitive Systems,” July 12, 2018. Snowden, Dave, Zhen Goh, and Sonja Blignaut. Cynefin - Weaving Sense-Making into the Fabric of Our World. Edited by Riva Greenberg and Boudewijn Bertsch. Cognitive Edge - The Cynefin Co: Cognitive Edge - The Cynefin Co., 2020. Stacey, Ralph D. Managing the Unknowable: Strategic Boundaries Between Order and Chaos in Organizations. 1st edition. Jossey-Bass, 2008.
  12. Your Questions and Comments are important - We will use the Q&A section to capture your input YOUR QUESTIONS AND IDEAS WANTED
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