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Samples of My Work

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Samples of My Work

  1. 1. 1 Some Samples of My Work Foreword for Discipleship Discipleship, the new book by Pamela Orock, offers a Powerful Biblical look into what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in today’s world. The book deals with the fact that believers should understand how their conduct, values and morals are all meant to display true love and devotion to the Lord. The book contains four exhaustive chapters that use scriptural examples, real life experiences and powerful testimonies that reveal what God expects of a true disciple. Foreword-Second Coming of Jesus Christ The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the second book by Pamela Orock talks about the time when Jesus Christ will return to the earth to reward the faithful and diligent servants who have endured the time of testing and kept their faith. Why would God want to send Jesus back in what is known as His second coming in bodily and physical form when Jesus was limited by time and space at His first coming? The book is just telling us Jesus is here already and has been here since Pentecost. Jesus is the very power behind the creation of the first church in Acts of the Apostles. If Jesus had not come, the first church would not have begun. Jesus Christ was and still is the very power that came at Pentecost to enable and empower the Apostles
  2. 2. 2 to begin the first church. Rapture preachers pay attention and please read the book and read it to the end so as to get more hidden mysteries behind the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you all. FOREWORD FOR PILLAR OF TRUTH The third book “Pillar of Truth” by Pamela Orock examines some potential case studies that she carefully selected to bring out the revealed knowledge of the various texts. This information will get to clarify her audience about certain doubts, confusions and misconceptions that some of us hold against the Bible. A must read to the end. FOREWORD FOR ARMOR Putting on the whole Armor—the fourth book by Pamela Orock is a novel that teaches about the importance of putting on the whole Armor of God and allowing the armor to stay in us and protect us in battle. But again, we are told in the same book that the only time our physical armors could protect us in battle is when the Spiritual Armor in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ has already been engraved in us. Bless your precious souls people of God. Please read the book and read it through to find out what it means to put on our Lord Jesus Christ by putting on the whole armor.
  3. 3. 3 FOREWORD FOR MY DIVINE DESTINY My Divine Destiny, the fifth book by Pamela Orock deals with the particular assignment that God created each and every one to do on the planet earth. Every individual has a specific assignment that he or she has been created to do. Are we as humans doing exactly what God created and ordained for us to do? This book is designed purposely to help my audience realize or find the purpose of God for their lives. The book is designed to help my audience find out what God has called them originally to do-their God’s given assignments. Every individual born of a woman has a specific assignment God has for them before the very foundations of the world but unfortunately some of us don’t know what we have been called to do or called to be. So many people are pursuing the wrong career, some are in the wrong business, some are in the wrong relationships and some are in the wrong places. My goal, mission or assignment is to help individuals, be they black or white, blue or green, Hispanics or Caucasians slave or free, Buddha or Shintu, Mallam or Imam find God’s assignment or find God’s purpose for their individual lives. You cannot take someone where you have never been before and you cannot give someone what you don’t have.
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