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National parks in Turkey

  1. In the central anatolia region,is located within the borders of Nevşehir. Tuff consisting of soft layers easily,hard basalt layer by the erosion was formed of fairy chimneys. This is done by throughout history various civilizations has been used as a settlement. You can explore the sky with hot air balloon ride of the national park
  2. YOZGAT PİNE GROVE NATIONAL PARK In Central Anatolia, is within the province of Yozgat.
  3. Once upon a time, covering a large part of Central Anatolia since forest cover is one of the rare examples of far reaching.
  4. The main tree species are pine forests, oak and juniper are also available.
  5. KARATEPE-ARSLANTAS NATIONAL PARK Karatepe is a late Hittite fortress and open air museum in Osmaniye Province in southern Turkey lying at a distance of about 23 km from the district center of Kadirli.
  6. It is sited in the Taurus Mountains, on the right bank of the Ceyhan River.
  7. The site is contained within Karatepe-Arslantas National Park.
  8. SOGUKSU NATIONAL PARK In Central Anatolia and in Ankara boundaires.
  9. Larch, pine, oak are common tree species.
  10. İs an important recreation area of public capitol.
  11. MOUNT KIZIL NATIONAL PARK In the Mediterranean region, is in the province of Isparta.
  12. Having a karst geological structures in the national park, there is the famous Cave Spring Eye.
  13. In the national park known for cedars; larch, juniper, oak scrub formations, to broken communities and are ALSO SEEN.
  14. TERMESSOS NATIONAL PARK Termessos is one of the best preserved of the ancient cities of Turkey.
  15. The ancient city was founded by the Solims who lived in the Psidia Region.
  16. Although there are no facts available about Termessos and Solims, they are referenced by Homer in the Iliad in connection with the legend of Bellerophon.
  17. KOVADA LAKE NATIONAL PARK It is in the Mediterranean Region, Isparta.
  18. As in Egirdir and Beyşehir Lake is known for its turquoise blue waters.
  19. The national park is remarkable in terms of landscape value.
  20. MUNZUR VALLEY NATIONAL PARK It is established on December 21, 1971, is the largest and the species-richest natıonal park in turkey.
  21. It is located at the Munzur Valley of Munzur Mountain Range within Dersim Province in eastern Anatolia.
  22. The national park was established to protect the region’s wildlife and scenic beauty.
  23. BEYDAGLARI COAST NATIONAL PARK It is in the Mediterranean Region, Antalya.
  24. The National Park is rich in herbaceous flora.
  25. About twenty-five plant species are endemic species unique to the park.
  26. GALLIPOLI PENINSULA HISTORICAL NATIONAL PARK It is in the Marmara Region, Çanakkale.
  27. In the Battle of Çanakkale parties lost hundreds of thousands of martyrs to commemorate monuments and martyrdoms describes the value of peace to humanity.
  28. Gallipoli Campaign, a notable failed offensive by the Allies in World War I, took place on the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915.
  29. KOPRULU CANYON NATIONAL PARK Köprülü Canyon is a canyon and a National Park in the Province of Antalya , Turkey .
  30. There are fish restaurants at the rest area; fresh trout is a specialty.
  31. There is a unique botanical features.It is the most popüler rafting area of our country.
  32. BIRD PARADISE NATIONAL PARK This national park was established to protect birds.
  33. Picnicking is forbidden here to not to be afraid of birds.
  34. Bird Paradise National Park is on the migration route of birds.
  35. ULUDAG NATIONAL PARK There is 'Untouchable Nature Area' here.
  36. There are many forests and wild animals here.
  37. Also many Karakus's habitat is here.
  38. SEVENLAKES NATIONAL PARK There are lakes similar to forest-sea in Sevenlake National Park.
  39. People can camping, picnicking and jogging here.
  40. Also there are different trees as fir, elm and linden.
  41. Uludag National Park-Bursa §Uludag is the highest point in the region.
  42. Mount Agri National Park - Agri §Mount Agri is 5137 metres;so, it is the highest mountain in Turkey. According to the legend: Noah's ark has landed on this mountain.
  43. Igneada Longos Forests-Kirklareli
  44. Ilgaz Mountain National Park – Kastamonu
  45. Kackar Mountain National Park- Rize
  46. Spil Mountain National Park-Manisa