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How To Build a Mini TV Studio For Dirt Cheap

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How To Build a Mini TV Studio For Dirt Cheap

  1. 1. How To Build A Mini TV Studio For Dirt Cheap Live Webinar
  2. 2. Paul Bass General Manager - CTN 45 TV (WVUP) Tallahassee Homeschool Dad Writer - Random Cartoonist - Former Reality TV Person
  3. 3. Time Is Short - We HAVE to Get The Truth Out There! How many times have you heard yourself think that you need to get a sermon, teaching, or a course out there online? Have you thought about Broadcast too?
  4. 4. What Are Your Pitfalls and Barricades?
  5. 5. What Are Your Pitfalls and Barricades? 1. Money 2. Equipment 3. Training
  6. 6. I’m Going To Help With #1 and #2 FREE report with clickable links in a few moments. Also: Request a replay of this webinar.
  7. 7. Let’s Assume You Have A Vision Already Do you want to create your own TV show? You can do this. It’s not as expensive as that engineer tells you. It costs almost zero to reach the end of the earth. Why not get these low cost items to make it happen right away?
  8. 8. Your Largest Expense Is Already Paid You likely already have the camera (which used to be the largest expense). Grab your smart-phone and the following goodies, and you are ready to “roll.”
  9. 9. Disclaimer - Sort of The following items are suggestions based on their price and ease of use. There are other brands which will do a slightly better job, but you would likely pay for that difference. The gadgets below can be substituted if you have a brand that you prefer. The largest difference will be when you use these items all together and get used to the operation of the equipment. Then, you can focus on your craft. Many people never get out of the starting gates because the fear of the price tag. I have provided you with this helpful shopping list so that you can relax and do the work. Write, Shoot, Edit, Publish.
  10. 10. Camera Just about any current smart phone. A Higher quality front-facing camera is preferred (necessary, if you are a one-person-band). Android - Apple - Windows Mobile
  11. 11. Backdrop Many options I don’t recommend starting out with greenscreen. simple solution is to get a backdrop and decorate to give dimension
  12. 12. Lights Vital needs to be diffused to diminish harsh shadows This kit - low energy and cool No more harsh work-lights
  13. 13. Microphone Plug this Intech IT Lavalier Mic directly into your smartphone better audio for your voice - $25 If $79 to spend on this item, I recommend the Rode Smart Lav+. Perhaps, start with the lower end item, then add a Smart Lav+ with a Rode SC6 Breakout Box so you can do two-person interviews.
  14. 14. Tripod for your TV studio, how about a steady camera, so you can focus on being awesome? Note: Selfie sticks are great for walk and talks.
  15. 15. The Grind of Editing Reduced One of the easiest ways - use a web based editor like WeVideo. It has tools that can make your project look super professional-ish. Posts directly to Vimeo. Note: worth mentioning - (Animoto). However, Wevideo lets you fine tune just like the big studios do. It is simple to fit the exact time constraints of broadcast TV.
  16. 16. Thank You Thanks for reading my recommendations for getting online and on the air for the least amount of money. I hope you will share this with others who are interested in self-production mastery. Make sure you share with us your “pilot.” You never know. You might find your show on TV sooner than you imagined. Twitter: @paulbassdotnet
  17. 17. Share The Love Share your family friendly projects on Basically The Deal and, maybe someday, a place like the Christian Television Network in Tallahassee.
  18. 18. Special Report - FREE The Catch: Please share the blog site and the free report on FB and/or Twitter. #minitvstudio @paulbassdotnet
  19. 19. Yahweh will bless you and keep you; Yahweh will make shine his face on you and be gracious to you; Yahweh will lift up his face upon you, and he will give you peace.’ Numbers 6:22-26LEB