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Upselling PPS

A bit of my work... training and coaching can be lots of fun!
Loved teaching waiters new selling techniques, the walk the talk,
informed suggestions and make'em guests feel special all the way!
It isn't always about money, though this would clearly generate...
...sometimes it's good to let the guests enjoy a new experience:
an added value on the otherwise "all same, same all"!

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Upselling PPS

  1. 1. Souvenir Glasses in Restaurants Dinner service Iced Bottles & Special Drinks: Set up, Presentation and the Revenue generated upon selling with a different approach. Creating good looking presentations by using ice blocks with fruits and leaves embedded in ice, gives a good opportunity to target the gests at their table. The appeal and cooling sensation of the bottle and ice assembly will generate drink orders, to be served only in souvenir glasses, all charged as “premium” The idea is to offer something different, apart from regular after dinner presentation of souvenir glasses on waiters tray. It adds to guests experience and it improves the revenue in bars, efficiently up selling cordial glasses.
  2. 2. LIMONCELLO. WASHINGTON APPLE DRINKS & ICE BLOCKS PREPARATIONS A bottle preferably with rum must be placed in a S/S wine chiller (mold) filled up with water the night before service. Add lemons, mint leaves and other suitable decorations to make the ice- bottle assembly as appealing as possible. Molds thus decorated will be stored in a freezer till next day dinner time. The rum or vodka in the bottle will prevent cracking and breaking. The ice block will be easily removed from wine chiller before the service starts if hot water is poured on the outer side of the mold, it will come out cleanly by pulling the neck of the bottle out. The cocktail mix is prepared a day in advance in a gallon and kept in the refrigerator for the next day. Once the bottle and the ice block are removed from the mold the cocktail is poured in from the gallon. The assembly will look fresh, cool it will draw a lot of attention in Restaurant, guests would like to see it and ultimately are curios to taste it. Waiters need to explain recipe and price, so they must have a speech learnt to explain the offer and what makes it so attractive! Two waiters will present the drinks together with a full tray of souvenir glasses in DR by visiting each table and suggesting the guests to try it, the one holding the ice will have a couple of napkins to help protect hands from cold ice. Here are two examples for what the presentation would look like!
  3. 3. Day Two - Limoncello; plain, cold served from the original bottle Day Three-Love Potion; Sky 8oz, Bac.8oz, Margaritaville 8oz, Peach Puree 4oz, Strawberry mix 2oz, Grapefruit Juice 4oz, Sour Mix 2oz Day Four- The Sexy ‘n the Sky; Cruzan Vanilla 20oz, Apple Pucker 4oz, Blue Curacao 4oz, Lime Juice 2oz, Pineapple Juice 2oz, Grapefruit juice 2oz. Day Five- Washington Apple; Crown Royal 16oz, Apple Pucker 6oz, Cranberry Juice 12oz. Day Six - The Fluid Pot; C. Morgan 10oz, Malibu Rum10oz, Melon Liquor 4oz , Blue Curacao 2oz, Pineapple Juice 6 oz, Sour Mix 2oz Day seven– The Blow job Mix. Irish Cream & Tia Maria Day One - serve the usual after dinner drinks; Kahlua, Frangelico, Bailey’s. The bottles will be presented on trays in DRs. 1. Mix all using the standard jigs 2.Stir firmly and swiftly over ice 3.Strain and pour in ½ Gallon Container 1L Mix Smiley says the drink & bottle will be presented In Club the same evening during adult shows
  4. 4. REVENUE COMPARISON Upon the introduction of the ice- bottle presentations in Restaurants the sales of souvenir glasses had substantially improved. Up selling cordials for premium price significantly boosted the revenue. WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 5 Cordial 48 142 187 150 162 276 Premium 88 97 224 447 492 581 Totals WTD 136 239 411 597 654 857 Revenue $1,108 $1,890 $3,307 $4,925 $5,397 $7,009 $1,108 $1,890 $3,307 $4,925 $5,397 $7,009 0 0 -$500 $500 $1,500 $2,500 $3,500 $4,500 $5,500 $6,500 $7,500 $8,500 -100 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300
  5. 5. The data in the presentation is not real, random figures have been used to project the graphs. Recipes and specs are fictional and used only to suggest that new products and new selling techniques can creatively increase the revenue in bars or other food and beverage operations, while adding value to guest experience. Paul Lula