cme oncology general practice primary care covid-19 vaccination covid vaccination covid-19 covid sars-cov-2 adc breast cancer infectious diseases ce adcs nsclc infectious disease genetic testing ondemand diabetes mtnbc tnbc her2 her3 cholangiocarcinoma type 2 diabetes ckd antiretroviral therapy hba1c cca antibody drug conjugates antibody drug conjugate metastatic triple negative breast cancer triple negative breast cancer trastuzumab deruxtecan neurology cardiology hfref heart failure with reduced ejection fraction hf pembrolizumab stigma art people living with hiv plwh hiv panel next-generation sequencing neuropathy lung cancer orr adc interstitial lung disease adc vomiting adc nausea adc diarrhoea adc neutropenia adc side effects adc toxicity adc safety nephrology immunohistochemistry overall survival os metastatic chronic kidney disease t2dm egfr nirmatrelvir/ritonavir covid-19 treatment covid treatment covid-19 testing covid testing immunotherapy chemotherapy echo echocardiography multimodal imaging multidisciplinary care cardiomyopathy mindset perry elliott cardiac myosin inhibitor septal reduction cascade testing left ventricular ejection fraction lvef left ventricular outflow tract obstruction lvoto esc guidelines hcm hypertrophic cardiomyopathy guideline recommendations urology psma pet sleep disturbance psychological wellbeing emotional impact physical discomfort skin damage debilitating embarrassment lack of sleep fatigue pain bugs under my skin severe itch itch cholestatic pruritus pbc primary biliary cholangitis waist circumference bmi body mass index obesity treatment hcc hepatocellular carcinoma icca intrahepatic safety efficacy peer-to-peer antibody-drug conjugate sensory loss small-fiber small fibre neuropathic pain attrv ttr transthyretin attr-pn attr–polyneuropathy attr transthyretin amyloidosis multidisciplinary pardeep s jhund david cherney sarah jarvis immunology allergy futibatinib actionable heart failure ihc epidermal growth factor receptor mcrc crc advanced colorectal cancer metastatic colorectal cancer colorectal cancer testing screening covid myocarditis covid vaccines and myocarditis mrna vaccines in children mrna vaccines covid-19 vaccines in children covid vaccines in children covid-19 vaccines covid vaccines covid-19 vaccine covid vaccine disease allogeneic stem cell transplantation ngs hb plt anc absolute neutrophil count hemoglobin platelet count cytopenia marrow blast prognostic scoring ipss-r revised international prognostic scoring system hr-mds high-risk mds ipss-m molecular international prognostic scoring system myelodysplastic syndromes mds vaccination chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd elena arbelo relapsing chronic communication psmafore study psmafore trial nuclear medicine vision study vision trial radiopharmaceuticals lutetium dotatate lutetium psma 177-lutetium-psma-617 psma lutetium radioligand therapy patient selection rlt radioligand therapy metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer prostate cancer mcrpc andreas kremer md phd mhba sacituzumab govitecan datopotamab deruxtecan trop2 her2-low autonomic testing autonomic symptoms distal proximal lucia galán davila laura obici combination therapy pwo people with obesity adipose tenofovir alafenamide tenofovir disoproxil fumarate treatment of hiv hbv coinfection management of hiv hbv coinfection hiv and hbv coinfection hiv and hepatitis b coinfection hiv hbv coinfection hiv/hbv coinfection hbv hepatitis b virus replay bendamustine and rituximab polatuzumab vedotin car t car t-cell therapy response progression-free survival pfs survival asct scholar-1 ineligible sct stem cell transplant r/r dlbcl dlbcl relapsed/refractory diffuse large b-cell lymphoma hiv virologic failure charles w. flexner md antonella castagna md pi protease inhibitor viral load lenacapavir fostemsavir ibalizumab heavily treatment experienced highly treatment experienced mdr hiv multidrug-resistant hiv biliary tract cancer mutation idh1 positive alteration fusion cardiorenal risk glucose control metformin treatment costs linong ji melanie j. davies established medication haemoglobin holistic patient-centred patient-centered cost effectiveness practical strategies heart failure chronic kidney disease general practitioner nephrologist cardiologist molecular testing durvalumab aav gene therapy aav adeno-associated virus limb-girdle muscular dystrophy clinical trials limb girdle muscular dystrophy clinical trials clinical trials for lgmd lgmd clinical trials dysferlinopathy sarcoglycans limb-girdle genetic testing limb girdle genetic testing muscular dystrophy genetic testing genetic testing for lgmd lgmd genetic testing lgmd limb-girdle muscular dystrophy limb girdle muscular dystrophy muscular dystrophy herpes melanoma tki resistance non-small-cell lung cancer chicago dermatology antibody-drug conjugates objective response rate fda infigratinib pemigatinib fgfr human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 complement inhibitors c5 inhibitor champion-mg trial champion-mg study raise study raise trial regain study regain trial zilucoplan ravulizumab eculizumab nicholas j silvestri md ali a habib md james f howard jr md neuromuscular junction complement mediated attack gmg generalised myasthenia gravis myasthenia gravis angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor arni angiotensin receptor blocker arb angiotensin-converting enzyme ace therapy raasi renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitor hyperkalaemia mace major adverse cardiovascular event gastroenterology expression non-small cell lung cancer uacr ras esmo crc guidelines ctdna testing bevacizumab tas-102 tipiracil trifluridine regorafenib metastatic crc childbearing pregnancy covid antiviral andrew ustianowski mbbs frcp phd remdesivir molnupiravir sotrovimab covid-19 self testing covid self testing pinetree study pinetree trial comet-ice study comet-ice trial move-out study move-out trial epic-hr study epic-hr trial covid-19 self-testing covid self-testing long covid and qol long covid and quality of life covid-19 organ impairment covid organ impairment coverscan trial coverscan study covid multiorgan damage covid organ damage covid-19 multiorgan damage covid-19 organ damage long covid symptoms long covid risk long covid c. buddy creech md mph patient fscig ici kevin harrington endocrinology gili regev-yochay md george kassianos cbe md (hons) frcgp covid revaccination covid bivalent vaccine covid monovalent vaccine covid vaccination recommendations xbb.1.5 xbb.1.5 vaccine sars-cov-2 virus tucatinib trastuzumab dustin deming md tanios bekaii-saab md marwan fakih md fresco-2 study fresco-2 trial sunlight study sunlight trial mcrc treatment sequencing advanced crc treatment sequencing advanced crc influenza pertussis rsv respiratory syncytial virus comorbidities guidelines late intervention late diagnosis quality of life alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency lung development childhood air pollution occupational exposure causes cessation smoking adverse event trophoblast cell surface antigen 2 triple-negative breast cancer low negative her2-negative hr+ hr-positive hormone receptor directed advise assess ask 5as whr ratio waist-to-hip weight bias neurobehavioural tongue fasciculation poor muscle tone congenital myopathy newborns newborn screening poor head control reduced reflexes delayed motor milestones neurological testing referral floppy baby sma spinal muscular atrophy neuromuscular disorders giovanni baranello laurent servais hypotonia 177-lutetium-pnt2002 boreas study boreas trial terranova study terranova trial galathea study galathea trial metreo study metreo trial metrex study metrex trial eclipse study eclipse trial copd endotypes unmet needs in copd type 2 inflammation airway inflammation respirology pulmonology cardiac magnetic resonance healthcare provider management barrier visceral diagnosis world health organization who obese pd-l1 score evoke-02 tropion-lung01 dato-dxd advanced nsclc melissa johnson edward b. garon actionable genomic alterations bdt biliary duct cancer collaboration mdt multidisciplinary team targeted test ecca extrahepatic psmafore rpfs mucocutaneous manifestations active skin disease sledai eular 2023 recommendations sle disease activity index treat-to-target approach treat to target biologicals biologic therapy belimumab anifrolumab corticosteroids hydroxychloroquine skin involvement skin flare rheumatology eular systemic lupus erythematosus sle ronald van vollenhoven ipilimumab nivolumab sunitinib vincent xu md wenxin xu md brian i. rini md io immuno-oncology tyrosine kinase inhibitors kidney cancer clear cell renal cell carcinoma clear cell rcc advanced renal cell carcinoma advanced rcc rcc renal cell carcinoma facilitated subcutaneous immunoglobulin artificial intelligence ai device digital technologies technology dorothea grosse-kreul nicholas l. rider martin van hagen chronic disease ipic ig therapy immunoglobulin therapy trop2 adc trop-2 adc trop-2 new data on adcs prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emissi adt androgen deprivation therapy alicia k. morgans madrid esmo christian gratzke karim fizazi nmcrpc mhspc nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer arpi androgen receptor pathway inhibitor androgen receptor pathway inhibition foetal considerations long-acting injectable therapy viral suppression life journey cognitive considerations ageing menopause reproductive considerations living with hiv susan cole justyna kowalska karoline aebi-popp sharon walmsley eacs warsaw andreas kremer carel le roux paolo sbraccia adiposity-based chronic disease treatable specific cardiovascular complications pillars of management chronic condition easd btc plan individualise personalise outcomes deletion insertion molecular profiling advanced tremelimumab immune checkpoint inhibitors immune checkpoint inhibitor io/io combinations advanced hepatocellular carcinoma advanced hcc pd-l1 pathway pd-1 pathway pd-l1 pd-1 ctla-4 targeted therapies ctla-4 targeted therapy anti-ctla-4 antibodies ctla-4 tusamitamab tissue rebiopsy multidisciplinary panel discussion maytansinoid keith m. kerr david planchard ceacam5-directed therapies ceacam5 expression carmen-lc06 carmen-lc05 carmen-lc04 carmen-lc03 carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion mol biomarker balazs halmos wong seng weng wclc 2023 wclc symposium solange peters singapore progressive lung cancer pasi jänne iaslc egfr-mutated egfr-mutant driver mutation systemic mastocytosis symptoms systemic mastocytosis symptom burden systemic mastocytosis smouldering systemic mastocytosis mastocytosis diagnostic criteria mastocytosis diagnosis mastocytosis mast cell kit mutation kit d816v mutation kit d816v indolent systemic mastocytosis frank siebenhaar md darier’s sign advanced systemic mastocytosis second-line rearrangement inhibitor ntrk fgfr2 kdigo proteinuria upc urine protein-to-creatinine ratio irbesartan protect nefigard budesonide sparsentan clinical trials glomerular disease fsgs focal segmental glomerulosclerosis igan immunoglobulin a nephropathy ladan zand jai radhakrishnan panel discussion foenix-cca2 tas-120 checkpoint inhibitor gemcitabine cisplatin liver metastases liver bile duct cancer nicola normanno angela lamarca arndt vogel esmo gi injection site -80o c approved node lymph t-vec talimogene laherparepvec dressing storage virus injection skin cancer oncolytic rp1 cemiplimab clinical benefit rate cbr her3-targeted american society of clinical oncology 2023 asco her3-dxd patritumab deruxtecan katrin hahn isabel conceição p. james b. dyck congress pns copenhagen cv-bond bond nocturnal dipping hypocretins circadian sleep-wake cycle orexin american heart association aha eds excessive daytime sleepiness cardiovascular sodium intake narcolepsy richard k. bogan phyllis c. zee michael thorpy indianapolis sleep 2023 keynote-412 chemoradiation avelumab xevinapant javelin head and neck 100 oropharyngeal cancer opc hpv-positive oropharyngeal cancer hpv human papillomavirus barbara burtness ezra cohen crt chemoradiation-eligible la scchn locally advanced squamous cell carcinoma of head a teliso-v telisotuzumab vedotin tepotinib capmatinib met overexpression met amplification exon 14 skipping mutation edgardo s. santos jonathan goldman d. ross camidge c-met cmet met macroalbuminuria prediabetes patient journey sorena kiani mbphd frcp frcpath berotralstat lanadelumab icatibant attenuated androgen prophylaxis kallikrein-kinin pathway bradykinin attenuated androgens hereditary angioedema prophylaxis hae prophylaxis hematology haematology hae hereditary angioedema angioedema destiny-breast03 pneumonitis t-dm1 t-dxd trastuzumab duocarmazine trastuzumab emtansine her2-targeted antibody-drug conjugates her2-targeted adcs her2-targeted therapy and interstitial lung diseas her2-targeted therapy and ild drug-induced ild drug-induced interstitial lung disease ild interstitial lung disease her2-positive breast cancer committee for medicinal products for human use chmp european medicines agency ema united states food and drug administration fusions alterations fibroblast growth factor receptor her-targeted trial study toga fluorescence in situ hybridization fish her2-positive egfr; epidermal growth factor receptor mutations molecular alterations gej gastric cancer gastroesophageal junction cancer destiny-gastric02 trial glow study glow trial spotlight study spotlight trial rationale-305 study rationale-305 trial keynote-859 study keynote-859 trial checkmate 649 study checkmate 649 trial kohei shitara md nick pavlakis mbbs pld advanced gastric and esophageal cancer advanced gastric and oesophageal cancer esophageal cancer oesophageal cancer gastric cancer antibodies antibody target solid tumour heregulin hrg human epidermal growth factor 3 end-stage renal disease eskd esrd albuminuria cardiorenal cardiovascular outcomes renal outcomes eplerenone spironolactone finerenone mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist nonsteroidal mra mra encorafenib braf circulating tumour dna tanios bekaii-saab john strickler md chiara cremolini md phd gerald prager md aasld hepatitis c positivity universal screening risk factors idu injection drug use age prevalence infection adolescents children pregnant women women hcv hepatitis c virus hepatitis c covid-19 vaccination in children covid vaccination in children home cvid common variable immunodeficiency nurse inflammatory administration infusion facilitated ivig intravenous scig subcutaneous primary immunodeficiencies immunodeficiency ig immunoglobulin cetuximab extreme keynote-048 cps >20 cps <1 cps 1-19 jean-pascal machiels robert i. haddad r/m scchn recurrent/metastatic cps combined positive score scchn squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck
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