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Cutting-Edge Continuous Delivery: Automated Canary Analysis Through Spring-Based Spinnaker

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SpringOne Platform 2019
Session Title: Cutting-Edge Continuous Delivery: Automated Canary Analysis Through Spring-Based Spinnaker
Speaker: Andreas Evers, Senior Solution Architect, Pivotal

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Cutting-Edge Continuous Delivery: Automated Canary Analysis Through Spring-Based Spinnaker

  1. 1. Cutting-edge Continuous Delivery: Automated Canary Analysis through Spinnaker October 7–10, 2019 Austin Convention Center
  2. 2. Cover w/ Image Who’s this guy? ■ Andreas Evers - Senior Solutions Architect at Pivotal ■ Part of Application Transformation (AppTx) EMEA ■ Active in Pivotal’s Spinnaker team (collaboration between Spring & Cloud Foundry R&D) ■ @andreasevers on Twitter
  3. 3. The ultimate goal of continuous delivery is to deploy software quickly & automatically. This can only be achieved if we’re able to push new code without fear.
  4. 4. Speed Confidence
  5. 5. App Engine Compute Engine
  6. 6. Orca Front50 Spring Boot at the core Gate Clouddriver Rosco Fiat Deck Echo Igor Halyard Kayenta
  7. 7. Spinnaker Ecosystem Cloud Providers App Engine Amazon Web Services Azure Cloud Foundry DC/OS Google Compute Engine Kubernetes Openstack Oracle CI Systems Jenkins Travis CI Wercker Concourse Artifact Support Docker GitHub HTTP S3 Artifactory Google Cloud Storage Nexus (coming soon) Monitoring Datadog Prometheus Stackdriver Atlas SignalFx (10+ more on roadmap) Notifications Email HipChat Slack SMS via Twilio
  8. 8. Cloud Pipelines Manual Deployments? Different live versions across regions & clouds? Rollbacks? Spring Cloud Pipelines
  9. 9. = Application Centric Control Plane
  10. 10. Change Change Change Change SVC 1 SVC 2 SVC 3 Cloud Deployments are Complex
  11. 11. Multi Cloud / Foundation / Account / Region View
  12. 12. Easy Rollbacks are Important
  13. 13. Rollbacks
  14. 14. Deploy during the Right Timeframes
  15. 15. Deployment Windows
  16. 16. Deployment Windows
  17. 17. Deployment Strategies
  18. 18. Automation
  19. 19. Canary Birds
  20. 20. Canary Birds
  21. 21. Canary Analysis
  22. 22. Canary Analysis
  23. 23. Chaos Monkeys
  24. 24. Go Fast - With Safety ■ Automated rollbacks ■ Deployment windows ■ Chaos monkeys ■ Deployment strategies ■ Automated canary analysis ■ Cluster locking ■ Traffic guards ■ Manual judgements ■ Conditional pipeline & stage execution ■ Notifications
  25. 25. Halyard ■ Configuration & deployment lifecycle management tool ■ Install, upgrade, configure, validate your Spinnaker installation ■ Works with Bill of Materials (BOM)
  26. 26. Demo
  27. 27. Rick And Morty
  28. 28. Rick And Morty ■ Green protagonist ■ Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy ■ Rolls into the sewer and has to fight rats and cockroaches ■ Comes out victorious ■ Very strong, predictable and stable green version
  29. 29. Rick And Morty ■ Blue antagonist ■ Genie in a box who exists only to solve the task at hand ■ Will go to great lengths to solve that task ■ Gets aggressive if the task can’t be solved ■ Dangerous, chaotic and unstable blue version
  30. 30. Rick And Morty
  31. 31. Rick And Morty
  32. 32. Rick And Morty
  33. 33. Rick And Morty
  34. 34. Rick And Morty
  35. 35. Rick And Morty
  36. 36. Demo
  37. 37. Demo spring one spring one
  38. 38. Canary best practices ■ Apply fine-grained traffic splits & content-based routing with Istio or other sophisticated load-balancing technologies ■ Fine-tune the metrics you choose to reflect key service health indicators ■ Include business metrics such as pirate metrics
  39. 39. Canary best practices ■ Run canaries long enough to gather enough data points ■ Use the metrics store explorer to figure out what metric expressions to use ■ Align the data points from both canary and baseline deployments using time series aggregators / reducers carefully ■ Take advantage of SpEL templating to avoid manifest hell
  40. 40. Speed Confidence
  41. 41. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Slides: Twitter: SO tag:spinnaker Cutting-edge Continuous Delivery: Automated Canary Analysis through Spinnaker Attributions: Doug Thompson ( U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Eric Brown [Public domain] Rick and Morty by Adult Swim