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How Pivotal Training and Certification Can Make a Difference for You

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Pivotal Education enables you to continuously deliver business value in a rapidly evolving market by providing the modern software expertise you need to excel in a cloud-native world.

In this webinar, we will discuss the breadth of training, certification and the Platform Acceleration Lab (PAL) options available for Spring and Cloud Foundry developers, architects, and operators.

We'll also show you how Pivotal Education makes it easy create a custom Spring or Cloud Foundry training plan specific to your learning needs and schedule, using in-person and online content and tools.

Tyson Gern, Director, Pivotal Education
Dylan Ham, Lead, Pivotal Education

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How Pivotal Training and Certification Can Make a Difference for You

  1. 1. © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved. Pivotal Certification Program Tyson Gern Dylan Ham
  2. 2. Certifications Validate your Pivotal knowledge ● Industry recognized ● Performanced based and traditional exams ● Available globally Pivotal Training Teaches engineers about a specific Pivotal product ● Instructor led & self-paced ● Public and private classes ● Customer or Pivotal location ● 1:10 instructor to student ratio ● No minimum # of students Platform Acceleration Lab Teaches engineers how to build modern apps and run PCF ● High touch, hands-on ● Public and private classes ● High instructor to student ratio ● Customer or Pivotal location ● Minimum 12 students for onsite Immersive Product Focused Exams IMPACT 100s / 1000s Developers IMPACT 100s / 1000s Developers IMPACT 1000s Developers Education Offerings
  3. 3. Platform Acceleration Lab Practitioner-led Build and taught by Pivotal experts Hands on Learn by doing Aligned to roles ● Developer ● Application Architect ● Platform Engineer Train developers, architects, and platform engineers to efficiently build and replatform high-quality software on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  4. 4. Pivotal Training Built with R&D Designed in collaboration with Pivotal product teams Deep dive Learn the ins and outs of each product Aligned to products Pivotal Cloud Foundry Spring, Spring Boot, SCS, etc. + More Train technical specialists to efficiently use Pivotal software to continuously deliver business value.
  5. 5. ➔ Demonstrate learning PAL courses are highly collaborative. Deliveries favor enablement and discussion over assessment. ➔ Measure expertise Just as we learn by doing in PAL courses, we measure candidates’ abilities through hands-on exercises. ➔ Align with Pivotal Our certification are written by Pivotal experts to cover the skills developers and architects need to succeed in the field. Why should I get certified?
  6. 6. Pivotal Certification Program Targeted Assessment Multiple choice and hands-on exercises Third party proctored Administered anywhere, on your machine Aligned to roles ● Developers ● Application Architects ● Platform Engineers ● technical specialists Devs & architects demonstrate the ability to build & replatform apps on PCF. Platform Engineers demonstrate the ability to install, configure, & manage a PCF Foundation.
  7. 7. Spring Professional Certification Demonstrate expertise building cloud native applications with the Spring Framework. Framework Product Focused Certifications Technical specialists 90 minutes Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operator Certification Demonstrate the ability to install, configure, and manage a Pivotal Cloud Foundry foundation. Platform Platform engineers 90 minutes Cloud Foundry Developer Certification Demonstrate cloud skills and expertise using the Cloud Foundry platform. Platform Technical specialists 3 hours
  8. 8. ➔ Hands on Certificate holders demonstrate the ability to build/replatform applications. ➔ Open book Realistic test environment with access to resources. Performance Based Certifications Pivotal Certified Developer Demonstrate the ability to build and deploy new applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry. PAL | Developers Developers 4 hours Pivotal Certified Application Architect Demonstrate the ability to replatform and modernize existing apps on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. PAL | Architects Application Architects 4 hours
  9. 9. [Pivotal certifications are] aligned with high demand skills for any new cloud-based application project. I would recommend it for anyone who aims to work with cloud-based application development. Leonardo Santos – Project Lead, Wipro
  10. 10. Exam Briefs
  11. 11. Many ways to prepare ➔ PAL courses PAL courses teach developers and architects the skills that they use to excel at their jobs. Our certifications measure these skills. ➔ Study guides Candidates use study guides for the developer and application architect to guide their self study once the class is over. ➔ Exploration We encourage candidates to build and replatform their own applications using Pivotal’s high-quality documentation. ➔ Project experience Real-life experience is the best way to sharpen your skills for our hands-on coding exams.
  12. 12. Q&A Head to to learn more Pivotal Certification Program
  13. 13. Transforming how the world builds software © Copyright 2019 Pivotal Software, Inc. All rights Reserved.