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SaaS Add-on Services for Cloud Foundry Powered by AppDirect (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)

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Business-Track breakout session presented by Paul Arnautoff, Director of Business Development at AppDirect.

Two years ago, Pivotal Cloud Foundry partnered with AppDirect to launch a Services Marketplace to make it easier for Developers to find, buy and use the tools they need to build cloud software. With the recent development of Pivotal's V2 Service Broker, the AppDirect services catalog is now available through not only Pivotal Web Services, but also any private or public deployment of Cloud Foundry anywhere. In this discussion, Paul Arnautoff will highlight how AppDirect integrated with the CF Service Broker and is extending the consumption of 3rd party services across a growing network of PaaS marketplaces as well as how ISVs can integrate once with the services catalog to distribute through any Cloud Foundry deployment.

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SaaS Add-on Services for Cloud Foundry Powered by AppDirect (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014)

  1. 1. Bringing SaaS Add-on Services to Cloud Foundry Powered by AppDirect Paul Arnautoff June 11th, 2014 Presented By Date:
  2. 2. Whoami: Cloud Foundry Summit 2014  First business hire at AppDirect  Previously led our ISV Program which fostered 160+ API Integrations for SaaS App Catalog  Director of Business Development for XaaS Parnterships  Rackspace  Pivotal  Red Hat  Samsung Director of Business Development | XaaS & Emerging Markets Background:
  3. 3. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 About AppDirect: The leading cloud marketplace and management platform for global providers HIGHLIGHTS  HQ in San Francisco attracting strong local talent and leveraging major ISV local relationships  Largest dedicated CSB globally with 160+ Employees with offices in US, UK, Germany, Argentina, Canada  Recently secured $35M in Series C Funding from Mithril Captial, Peter Thiel’s growth stage venture group ACCOLADES  Winner of Under the Radar Best in Show 2011  Recognized as “Cool Vendor” by Gartner 2012  JMP Top 100 2013 & CRN Top 20 Cloud AQUISITIONS  In 2012, AppDirect acquired jBilling, the world’s leading open source billing solution company  In 2013, AppDirect acquired Standing Cloud, the world‘s leading private cloud marketplace platform.
  4. 4. 1 The Big Idea: Cloud Service Brokerage2 Cloud Foundry Partnership 3 Service Broker Integration 4 Last Mile Application Delivery 5 Partnership Opportunities Cloud Foundry Summit 2014
  5. 5. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 The Rise of IDC’s 3rd Platform About the 3rd Platform  Combination of Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Social will enable the development of entirely new sets of services.  2014-2017, IT spending by groups outside of IT departments will grow at over 6% per year  Cloud spending will grow 25%, reaching over $100 billion. Over 75% of that spending will be public cloud.  40–50% of the growth in 3rd Platform spending will come from cannibalization of 2nd Platform offerings.
  6. 6. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 Third Platform has not only changed the way software is consumed, it has changed the way we build applications App PaaS App Solution Stack IaaS App Solution Stack Virtualization Bare Metal Yesterday: Today: Tomorrow:
  7. 7. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 New applications are being built by leveraging other existing services, creating customized collaborations of technology. Java App Reporting / Analytics Code Monitoring Email Delivery Database Security Billing The user facing portion of the app that is unique GoodData, KissMetrics, Google Analytics. New Relic, AppDynamics, Loggly. Sendgrid, Mailgun. MongoLabs, RedisToGo, RedisCloud. Dome9, CloudPassage, StillSecure. jBilling, Stripe, Zuora, Braintree, Chargify. PaaS Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Heroku, EngineYard. IaaS Rackspace, AWS, Softlayer.
  8. 8. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 What does all of this mean? Key Disrupting Factors As the 3rd platform lowers the cost of delivery and integration, focused single use ‘services’ will proliferate.  Open Source Software is now the leading product in many markets including:  DB  PaaS  IaaS  Cloud platforms enable rapid scale  The ‘APIification’ allows it all to be stitched together  Low start up costs, rapid ability to scale and the means for customers to easily consume services makes for the ideal environment for service proliferation.
  9. 9. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 In fact, purpose-built cloud application development continues to accelerate at incredible rates  The Number of Cloud Applications available today stands at 5000.  IDC projects a 10x increase in the next 4 years, which means 50,000+ single use and vertical specific applications. 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 2010 2012 2014 NUMBEROFAPPS But: 56% of businesses prefer a single vendor
  10. 10. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 This is causing major disruption amongst the IT Majors 
  11. 11. From an ISV perspective, go-to-market is limited to direct sales to customers or one-off custom integrations with Channel Partners Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 Traditional Delivery Model Channel Delivery Model Channel Channel Channel
  12. 12. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 What is Cloud Service Brokerage? Catalog Services Discovery Identity & Access A single point of aggregation which provides users one place to find, buy, consume, and manage services.
  13. 13. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 A History Of CSB: CSB 0.5 (pre-AppDirect) CATALOG OF SERVICES MARKETPLACE PLATFORM CUSTOMER MARKETPLACES “CHANNELS” Search + Provisioning Identity + Access Management for Administrators Limited Subscription Billing + Payment Management Data Management END-USER BUSINESSES TELCO CABLE RETAIL FIN. SVCS. OEM IAAS PAAS SAAS SMB Administrators Bring your own catalog and one off Integrations Distribution was limited to mid- size hosting market and mid size operators
  14. 14. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 A History Of CSB: CSB 1.0 (AppDirect Launches 2011) CATALOG OF SERVICES APPDIRECT MARKETPLACE AS A SERVICE CUSTOMER MARKETPLACES “CHANNELS” Search + Provisioning Identity + Access Management Subscription Billing + Payment Management Data Management END-USER BUSINESSES TELCO CABLE RETAIL FIN. SVCS. OEM IAAS PAAS SAAS SMB Administrators SMB Users
  15. 15. Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 A History Of CSB: CSB 2.0 (AppDirect 2014) CATALOG OF SERVICES APPDIRECT MARKETPLACE AS A SERVICE CUSTOMER MARKETPLACES “CHANNELS” Search + Provisioning Identity + Access Management Subscription Billing + Payment Management Data Management END-USER BUSINESSES TELCO CABLE RETAIL FIN. SVCS. OEM IAAS PAAS SAAS SMB Administrators SMB Users Enterprise Developers
  16. 16. AppDirect and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 +
  17. 17. AppDirect and Cloud Foundry Partnership, bringing SaaS Add- ons to Developers via Cloud Foundry Summit 2014  3rd Party Services are an essential component to the Cloud Foundry experience  Pivotal desired an easier way to connect their users with Services:  “The Cloud Foundry Marketplace powered by AppDirect enables developers to add leading 3rd party services to their apps with a single click. AppDirect provides partners a simplified distribution channel on our hosted service today, and in the future on our open source and commercial on-premise distributions” James Watters VP Product, Cloud Foundry An Open Ecosystem for the Cloud…
  18. 18. Cloud Foundry Service Broker Integration Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 What: How:  AppDirect SaaS Application Catalog can be imported into any Cloud Foundry environment including Public, Private, or Local.  Calling API will:  Return a list of applications in the catalog  Allow provisioning for 3rd party tools  Automated binding of environmental variables to the application pushed in Cloud Foundry  Command Line Interface (CLI) Addressable
  19. 19. AppDirect Catalog Adapter for SaaS Provisioning, Billing, and Single Sign-On Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 Integration to company billing + CSR systems enables: 1. The customer receives one bill that includes standard services supplemented by brokerage purchases, subscriptions, and usage charges. 2. Supports existing payment methods (invoice, ACH, proprietary credits/accounts). 3. Offers reporting inside of existing billing system and integrations PIVOTAL INVOICE SERVICE X SERVICE Y APP MARKETPLACE MongoLabs . . . . . . .. . ... . .. . $ Sendgrid.. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. $ New Relic . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . $ Subscription details, pricing, and rate plans Cloud Foundry Billing Engine Validated with AppDirect. payment gateway.
  20. 20. Last Mile Application Delivery Cloud Foundry Summit 2014  App Performance and Monitoring  New Relic, AppDynamics, etc  Drop .yml agent into application/server  Email Delivery  Sendgrid, Mailgun, Postmark  SMTP Email Credentials  Database-as-a-Service  MongoDB, Redis Cloud, ElephantSQL  Database Environment Variables For PaaS and Developers, Provisioning is Not Enough Many SaaS ISVs Experience Drop-off at the Last Mile
  21. 21. Binding through AppDirect performs the last mile action required to use the service with your Cloud Foundry application Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 1. Customers use either the command line tool or the catalog through AppDirect’s API to purchase an addon with their PaaS account. 2. AppDirect uses the user’s PaaS identity information to provision a new account with the third-party ISV that corresponds with their PaaS instance. 3. To bind an service to the user’s app within your PaaS console, AppDirect sends a request to the ISV to create a service within the new account and attach it’s environmental variables to the corresponding app instance. For example, a user may create a new Database within their newly provisioned MongoLabs account and bind the database to their app within your PaaS console. Cloud Foundry AppDirect App Vendor Provisioning API2 Service Binding API3 Service Account1 App Account
  22. 22. Marketplace Functionality Packaged via Whitelabel AppDirect Front-End or Custom Built Front-End via Marketplace APIs Cloud Foundry Summit 2014 AppDirect Powered Front-End: Samsung Knox Mobile Custom Front-End via Marketplace APIs: Pivotal Web Services
  23. 23. Opportunity Summary: Value for ISVs and Cloud Foundry Operators Cloud Foundry Summit 2014  Offer the leading 3rd party SaaS applications through your PaaS deployment  AppDirect Catalog comes pre- integrated to Cloud Foundry via Service Broker  Consolidated billing for all 3rd party services  Command Line Integration accessibility through your instance  Monetize Cloud Foundry Deployment from Day 1 For Cloud ISVs: For Cloud Foundry Operators:  One integration to maintain for the distribution of your product vs endless custom integrations per channel  Automated provisioning of your application through PaaS Environments  Last mile application delivery through binding  Monthly payouts received from AppDirect with billing reports based on each marketplace
  24. 24. THANK YOU!! Paul Arnautoff