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Quality Logo Products' Kane County Cougar Giveaway Day

Some of our media and marketing team headed to Fifth Third Ballpark for the Kane County Cougar's last game of the 2013 season. Fans were given special edition customized drink koozies to celebrate the fun day along with a first pitch and Ozzie Race from Billy "Bottle Tops" Jackson and Sammy the Squeezie. A fun and relaxing day was had by all!

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Quality Logo Products' Kane County Cougar Giveaway Day

  1. 1. Quality Logo Products’ Kane County Cougar Giveaway Day Labor Day September 2, 2013
  2. 2. The QLP Team Headed for the Ceremonial First Pitch Melissa: Sammy the Squeezie Kurt: Billy “Bottle Tops” Williams Joe: Videographer Bret: Photographer Amy: Photographer (not pictured)
  3. 3. A “Good Luck” Chest Bump from Ozzie
  4. 4. Greeting the Other “First Pitchers”
  5. 5. Getting Ready to Head Out Look at Melissa showing off her baseball spirit, even without arms! You go, girl!
  6. 6. Getting their Focus for the First Pitch
  7. 7. “Are you Ready?!”
  8. 8. Billy “Bottle Tops” Williams Winding Up
  9. 9. Right over the Plate!
  10. 10. Survived to Tell the Tale Nothing but smiles from these two all day- they were great!
  11. 11. Heading back to the “Mascot Changing Room” to cool off before the Ozzie Race The number of smiles and high fives Kurt and Melissa got from new fans was awesome!
  12. 12. Some Good Natured Fun Before the Race Kurt had the upper hand with his costume
  13. 13. While Melissa had her legs to her advantage… (No water bottles, stress relievers, or actors were harmed in the taking of these pictures)
  14. 14. Melissa chasing Ozzie to clear the way Kurt was a great 3rd base cheerleader
  15. 15. With the Ozzie Race Complete, it was now time to relax
  16. 16. The QLP & Cougar Koozie Giveaway
  17. 17. The Banner Background Perfectly Matched the sky at Fifth Third Bank Ballpark Thank you to the Kane County Cougars for such a great time! We hope to see you again in the 2014 season!