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HB website intro

  1. 1. Introducing
  2. 2. Photo taken with permission Mrs. M
  3. 3. Mrs. M had a chronic headache. She visited 3 Emergency Rooms (ER) in 1 month, but still had no Good diagnosis nor a treatment plan. Care? Overall, she had: 2 CAT scans of her head 1 Lumbar puncture Blood tests Pain medicines Out-of-pocket charges Missed work Lost income And she was still sick Photo taken with permission
  4. 4. After 3 ER visits, a clinic noted that she lived in an area endemic for unhealthy housing. A medical assistant screened her Better for housing risks. Care Mrs. M lived in a damp, moldy home. With that data, the MD correctly diagnosed her in 12 minutes with a housing-related illness. He treated her with meds and a healthy housing program. Photo taken with permission Mrs.M & her home got better.
  5. 5. Treating people without tackling the conditions that make them sick is a losing value proposition - Very costly - Less effective - Unjust - Unsatisfying - Unsustainable Propietary/ Confidential
  6. 6. The Current Standard of Care Is Not Good Enough
  7. 7. A better standard of care adds value by tackling health- critical social and environmental conditions and is essential to building a pay-for- value healthcare system
  8. 8. Glimpses of this better standard of care are out there
  9. 9. Yet 4 out of 5 physicians still feel under-equipped to address their patients’ social needs -RWJF “Health Care’s Blind Side” Dec 2011 Propietary/ Confidential
  10. 10. Why?
  11. 11. Healthcare lacks the knowledge and tools to tackle social determinants of health We don’t have enough data or ways to identify and share clinical innovations for population health Structural & macro-incentives to integrate population health interventions and medical care are not strong enough
  12. 12. Healthcare can be better but care teams and clinics lack q  Training & Tools q  Incentives q  Actionable data q  Resources or time q  Networks & support to tackle the social determinants of health
  13. 13. That's why we started
  14. 14. Who are we? A socially-responsible startup founded by physicians that provides expertise and technology to help healthcare improve health where it begins
  15. 15. What do we do?
  16. 16. We’ve Built a Network We built an online platform where frontline health professionals, experts, and population health advocates can share ideas and innovations
  17. 17. Now, we’re adding a new service to help health professionals, students, and experts: Ask and answer questions about social or environmental factors that impact patients
  18. 18. The “Biosocial Curbside” 1. Ask a question 2. Experts, like a online anytime lawyer or social about a health- worker, answer critical social or question. environmental issue 3. Users rate answers and tell friends. Experts earn points for good answers.
  19. 19. Help build the Q&A service Ask your questions today! Visit the HealthBegins website and click “Ask a Question”. Not yet a member? Sign up to be a member of our closed beta at
  20. 20. Stay Tuned We will soon release more tools to help health professionals and clinics to: Find Community-Based Resources for patients Transform Clinical Practice to address social determinants of health
  21. 21. Thanks!