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Elements of a Story

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Elements of a Story

  2. 2. PLOT• sequence of events• what happens to the storyParts of a PLOT1. Exposition2. Rising Action3. Climax4. Falling Action5. Resolution
  3. 3. 1. Exposition•opening situation•beginning of thestory• “Once upon a time”
  4. 4. •sets up conflict•build tension2. Rising Action
  5. 5. • highest and mostexciting point of interest3. Climax
  6. 6. • deals with the results of the climax• wrapping-up story4. Falling Action
  7. 7. • point of closure• final outcome ofthe story•ending5. Resolution
  8. 8. The PLOT mountain
  9. 9. Types of CONFLICTConflict-a clashbetweentwo opposing forces-protagonist vs.antagonist
  10. 10. Man vs.NATUREMan vs.HIMSELFMan vs.MANMan vs.SOCIETY
  11. 11. • time and place of the storySETTINGDetails that describe:FurnitureSceneryCustomsTransportationClothingDialectsWeatherTime of dayTime of year
  12. 12. • general messageof the story• main idea• centralconceptTHEME
  13. 13. • a person, an animalor imaginarycreature in the storyCHARACTER
  14. 14. ROUNDCharacterFLATCharacterSTATICCharacterDYNAMICCharacter
  15. 15. • the way the story is being told1.First-person2.Second-person3.Third-personPOINT OF VIEW
  16. 16. What do you
  17. 17. How do you choose a book?
  18. 18. Review forJUMANJI“Jumanji” is an award- winning bookby Chris Van Allsburg.In this story, two children, Peter andJudy, discover a strange looking boardgame and they soon realize that thisboard game is more dangerous thenthey thought. “Jumanji” is clearly oneof the most inventive and intense bookthat will surely make you read it for along time.I would highly recommend this bookto anyone who loves adventure andexcitement in a children’s book.
  19. 19. BOOK TALKAn Oral Book Presentation
  20. 20. GUIDELINESWhen: November 23Where: Multi-function Room• You are given 2 minutesto deliver an oralpresentation of the book youhave read.• You have to bring yourbook and your readingproject.
  21. 21. STRUCTURE FOR YOUR BOOKREVIEWINTRODUCTION• Includes general informationabout your book• Begin with the title, authorand date of publication• Show the cover of the book todemonstrate the book’s length,size and appearance(2-3 sentences)
  22. 22. STRUCTURE FOR YOUR BOOKREVIEWBODY• Describe the elements ofthe story (setting,characters, summary of the plot)• Present your reading project(10-12 sentences)
  23. 23. Story ChartTitleSettingCharactersBeginningMiddleEnd
  24. 24. STRUCTURE FOR YOUR BOOKREVIEWCONCLUSION• Rate the story (1-10)• Tell what you thought of thebook• Read an exciting & interestingpassage or mention onememorable aspect of thebook.(3-5 sentences)