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Emotional Marketing

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Presentation given at a B-School in New Delhi . This presentation talks about how brands use emotional marketing to drive consumer habit changes.

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Emotional Marketing

  1. 1. Emotional Marketing
  2. 2. You are going to see something remarkable
  3. 3. Millions of Dead Women In 1920’s he told women that smoking was ‘all right’ and that it actually helped them : 1. Stay Fit 2. Be happier
  4. 4. Telling stories that people want to believe in is a powerful way to create an emotional connect
  5. 5. Source IPA Data Bank
  6. 6. Most successful brands in history have used emotional marketing to create a consumer market for itself
  7. 7. Fear!
  8. 8. Communication that ‘amuses’ us catches our eye faster. We connect with it at a sublimal level
  9. 9. The surprise twist in the tale
  10. 10. Anger
  11. 11. Inspire to do greater things
  12. 12. Makes us laugh and feel better
  13. 13. Digital is the new emotional marketing battleground
  14. 14. Brands are still trying to figure out specific hooks to get the digital audience to emotionally connect with the brand
  15. 15. Allow your customers to connect with your product through emotions rather than features. Apple celebrates those who think differently, and encourages us to do the same. Google’s apps are so useful they actually help to save lives. Lego helps children express their imagination and feel proud of their creations. P&G reminds us that our mothers are the pillars in our lives UPS doesn’t simply deliver our packages; they deliver joy and happiness
  16. 16. Thank you