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Q7 convergence

  1. Quest 7.Com AS A CONVERGENCE POWERHOUSE INTERNET/ RADIO /TV SMS/ EVENTS By Rajnish Narayanan rajnish-quest7
  2. Preamble Perspective of a media company New media initiatives required Assuming global convergence [no comment on time frame!] Content as a fore-runner to Broadband networks Cultural sensitivity - a magic ingredient rajnish-quest7
  3. Convergence The ability of different network platforms to carry essentially different forms of services or The coming together of devices such as the telephone, TV,radio,internet,sms & events! rajnish-quest7
  4. Electronic Media & Entertainment Broadcasting - Content – [TV type] Satellite/Terrestrial/DTH Fiction,Non-fiction, News,Animation,etc. Cable Internet Radio EVENTS / FM/Satellite Entertainment Music Film rajnish-quest7
  5. Types of Media Traditional Media Television Movies Theatre New Media Internet Emerging Media Rich streaming media Personalization rajnish-quest7
  6. Nostradamus on Convergence! “Convergence, Interconnectivity, Broadband & Webcasting are the buzz- words of the 21st century” Broadband distribution must 1st arrive before any convergence benefits can be realized Till then the TV is well set to drive convergence at home as will the PC in the workplace rajnish-quest7
  7. Promises & Deliveries! Broadband access Yes - for broad- will make things casters. Subscribers economical still pay a costly tab (translated as cheap) Well yes, it has made Broadband will bring in interactivity Hotmail faster maybe chat too! The whole world will be wired to 3 million My hometown is not channels [promised fully wired! early 1999!] rajnish-quest7
  8. New Economy Paradoxes! No single backbone [long distance/national/ international broadband network] – several pockets of broadband enabled networks [Europe/Asia] No standardization of digital delivery formats – challenge - to evolve a cross platform format [currently standard content fare of Hollywood] Avalanche of content available from traditional and digital media houses – no internet takers!! rajnish-quest7
  9. Global Convergence Challenges! Buzz about iTV (Interactive Television) – yet to see interactive / digital content ! Struggle to create the media convergence [telecom,broadcasting,satellite,internet, retailing – single services platform] The future technology = convergence of devices - net access through multiple devices The challenge of iTv = digital content WHAT IS THE CONTENT OF THE FUTURE TO BE SERVED ACROSS MEDIA,TELEPHONY AND DEVICES ! rajnish-quest7
  10. Challenges ! 1. To create content which is relevant for cross-platform / cross device 2. To keep the content and delivery charges to a subscriber economical 3. To still create a profitable business model 4. To partner / lead the community in realising / evolving this business rajnish-quest7
  11. Content Production a Strategic Convergence Tool 1. Communities and Commerce are built by a strategic deployment of Content 2. Quality – Creativity – Sustainability – Resource management – Technology – Talent – [bundling of competences!] rajnish-quest7
  12. so what is the subscriber benefit? New media has overturned conventional marketing theories on pricing! . Challenge for producers to create cost effective programming content houses adept at quality: price ratio TV price points bearing on new media pricing rajnish-quest7
  13. So what’s the Asia opportunity? Create applications/solutions/production for evolved markets [broadband networks arrived] Production back-end for scale-up & maintenance Focus on establishing world class creative / human element hubs for Training Know-how [R&D/Prototyping] rajnish-quest7
  14. Profit Patterns - Convergence Industries where ‘supplier convergence’ is evident will find us a strong contender in the “battlefield”. Key success factor is to position “QUEST” at the center of this ‘high-tech high-ground’. Initially “bundle” with high and low ground services! rajnish-quest7
  15. Summary of our Offering 1. Low Cost manpower – technical hub 2. Low Cost production – creative hub 3. Low Cost of Operations – back-office 4. Highly skilled teams – for a project development & execution hub 5. Highly creative team – designer hub 6. ‘High delivery’ managers – for ‘project leading’ back-end solutions rajnish-quest7
  16. Back-offices in a borderless world! Global Companies will soon have their marketing / clients in Malaysia; technology from anywhere and execution here etc rajnish-quest7
  17. Validation of Quest7 Powerhouse Ability – sectors & examples rajnish-quest7
  18. Opportunities in the making! Broadcasters “Internet” services ? Internet Broadcast delivery ? rajnish-quest7
  19. Internet Radio 18 Billion US Broadcasting Radio Industry Lycos Radio / Yahoo $6.1 Bn / Viacom –Imagine Radio [startup] / Arbitron started ratings Microsoft & Real today use radio as a tool build player usage Chancellor 469 sites & 80 M audience – AM/FM Interactive – “miniportals” used by 21000 webcasters Content Challenge – linear trad content to be overlayed with applications FACE – VOICE – THROAT [eyes ears feet] rajnish-quest7
  20. International mindset “ Birds in flight, are not between places, they carry their places with them. We never wonder where they live: they are at home in the sky, in flight. Flight is their way of being in the world.” rajnish-quest7
  21. The ultimate challenge! The ultimate challenge is not just technology or production skills – it is understanding & harmonising culture!! Every culture has their own rhythm & “language”! Expectations of different cultures is now a social science that is a prerequisite for business conduct!! rajnish-quest7
  22. Managing Cultural Context Developing business = adept at cross cultural negotiations. Professionalism demands knowledge of each culture’s ethics; logic; language; compromise; etc. Affects data gathering styles; use of space & time; leadership; communication patterns; etc. multi-active to reactive key customers are linear-reactive Unique demands on content…. rajnish-quest7
  23. Cultural situation – leverage for tech hub! Accept hierarchy - obligations/duties Strong work ethic esp. for own business Do not work by the clock! Nepotism is a way of life Responsive to eloquent, humble & respectful approach. Try to befriend the client!! rajnish-quest7
  24. Leveraging [2] ! Repackage energetically to reach an agreement Communication patterns are courteous, adaptable, risk-taking. Go beyond the written word – operate on the basis of a relationship! rajnish-quest7
  25. Recommendation “The more one knows the more one simplifies!!” 1. Build ways to develop cross-cultural business ties 2. Build processes that customise out put while simplifying the “back-end” continuously 3. Remember – even if it’s a factory demonstrate creativity! rajnish-quest7
  26. Let’s make this “powerhouse” concept fly !! For information and ideas rajnish-quest7
  27. Perceptions > Reality ?! I am an optimist,I am still hopeful – Kenneth Wong, I am hopeful for CEO of [content miracle money! perspective] To be fair, it took ESPN 12 years to become Television was 30 profitable [distribution years old when ESPN perspective] was launched! rajnish-quest7